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Deji Adeyanju: 25 Issues To Think About Over The Abduction Of Chibok Girls While We #BringBackOurGirls



1. The role played by Borno State Government in the infamous kidnap of 277 Chibok sch girls is unclear.

2. It’s now clear that the Borno State Govt refused advice to relocate the students to a safer place, instead gave WAEC an undertaking in writing to provide adequate security for the students and never did.

3. The principal has now confirmed that such adequate security was never provided except for policemen who were on duty in the administrative block during the day. Note during the day not at night. The hostel were the girls slept were left completely unprotected.

4. The principal of the school, Hadjia Asabe Kumbula, was conveniently absent from the school premises on the date of the kidnap. Even the matron. The students were left alone at night except for the old security man who was unarmed.

5. One would have thought given the precarious security situation, nothing would have taken the Head of the School and other staffs away at a time such as this.

6. Reliable source close to the presidency stated that the Principal was extremely disjointed in her submission at the meeting with the President. She did not know the exact number of students in the school, the number of beds available in the hostels & the number of girls present in the hostel on the fateful night.

7. It is common place knowledge in Maiduguri and environs that wherever people hear gun shots, especially at night, everyone all scamper to the forest to hide.

8. However at Chibok Secondary School that night, only the security man seems to have heard gun shots & ran to the bush. He claimed the students did not hear gun shots in his testimony. Whereas seeing an interview in the London Guardian of 2nd May, 2014, one of the girls Lydia Togu 15, an art student heard the gun shots clearly and woke up.

9. At first, the school security guard lied that the men came & packed the girls away in to CANTER TRUCKS which can hardly curtain 50 girls. Yet 270 girls were abducted. Even Lydia corroborated this story that they were parked in a lorry & she escaped by jumping down from it.

10. At the Villa meeting it was reliably gathered that the DPO gave a different account. According to the DPO, the kidnappers took 274 girls away on foot and marched them to d forest.

11. The DPO also claimed initially dat he had a gun battle with d insurgents lasting 5hrs; and that he and his men only retreated after they ran out of ammunition. Strangely enough, no police officer, no insurgents or students were either killed or harmed during d 5hr gun battle. What a 21st Century miracle.

12. The DPO was generously hailed by the Governor of Borno State, who recommended he be given a National Award for his gallantry. Yet when the DPO stated that they were able to rescue 25 of the girls the following day, the Borno State Govt quickly denied saying no girls were rescued. Now where did the story by Labaran Maku and the Army come from of rescuing all the girls?

14. The principal in her own account to VOA Hausa claimed the figure of 129 initially given by the school authority was an error which was due to the fact that the officials on site didn’t take the arts students in the hostel into account.

15. The new figure of 274 emerged when Commissioner for Education appeared on the scene and started to collate new figures just from anybody who turned up to claim their children were missing.

16. It’s was gathered that the list submitted by the School Principal of the missing girls was a list of names copied from WAEC Register without d names & details of Complaints (Parents or Guardians). The register was also prepared by 1 person & undated.

17. The Principal also said in her report that several girls have RETURNED but the parents don’t deem it fit to report to government or the school authorities. Where are these girls returning from is a very worrisome question?

18. In truth, nobody knows the number of girls missing or those who have returned either to Chibok or other states since their are such reports. Another worrisome report in the London Guardian interview was the portion where some parents said they were speaking to their children on phone even 1week after the kidnap.

19. Interestingly, the girls who returned seemed to have the ability to escape on a daily basis from the Camp where they were kept. Yet known have been able to guide the security agencies to the location of this Camp in helping the investigation.

20. It appears to me that the Borno Govt knows more than they are telling Nigeria & the World. The opinion of many including me after the Villa meeting is that the Borno Govt and other Political Boko Haramist might have a hand in this.

21. Even security experts believe the signature of this kidnap is not explicit that of the real Boko Haram who tend to be more dastardly & vicious by killing many.

22.  It may not be out of place for Boko Haram to take over 200 girls & shoot the rest. But how can one explain that BH took some girls & left others who did not try to escape but watched as they matched away their colleagues. Too many suspicious things here.

23. The Commissioner of Police was quoted as telling the President that despite his repeated announcements for parents of abducted girls to come and register the names with photographs of their abducted children, to date No body has turned up. Is it natural for women whose children who have been kidnapped not to seize every opportunity available in finding their missing daughters?

24. The question I have been asking therefore is, is it possible for all the girls abducted to have been returned to their parents? And that the figure been dished out is just meant to keep the attention high. Can this be about politics?

25. What is even more alarming is a Statement issued by Sen. Zana who had opined 1 week after the kidnappings that these girls are being SOLD. Now Shekau leader of Boko haram coming into the scene to collaborate same story saying “I will Sell your Girls” make me suspect that Political Boko Haram & the real Boko Haram might be working today on this one. But the Shekau we know will normally not wait for twenty one days to lay claim to an attack. And he’s strategy of boasting would have made him to display some of these girls probably kneeling on the floor. Just like the way he has displayed weapons seized in the past from some military attacks. I believe both the Political Boko Haram & real BH must be happy the way the story has turned.


Deji Adeyanju writes in from Abuja…


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  1. idoko eche

    2014/05/07 at 10:54 am

    I have read a number of opinions like yours that suggest the complicity of the Borno Govt in this whole kidnapping thing, granted the questions raised truly indicts the state government. that such could have been neatly executed in a state under emergency rule only further indicts the president and his govt. of incompetence . except if you are saying there was no kidnap at all, in states like rivers that was not under emergency rule the federal govt through the police have been able to track and check every political activities including baring rallies, meetings and even sitting of the house of assembly, how and why couldn’t same police with the support of the federal troop stop this kidnap except of course for the fact that prior to this incident the govt have only paid lips service to the terror war in the north east.
    I have seen the principal in a few video interviews and i feel really sorry for the woman she looks worried and sick she seem to be more at the receiving end of this crises than any of the authorities involved . torn between the face saving fight by the fed Govt and the state govt on one hand and the pressure from parents and her conscience on the other.
    If the Fed govt had hitherto taken the boko haram crises a Nigerian problem and addressed it with the seriousness it deserved, if President Jonathan and his kitchen cabinet had seen this crises beyond their quest for his reelection.perhaps we wont have 274 girls missing.
    Jonathan and his cabinet lacks the ability to multi task so the couldn’t handle campaign and state security at the same time and if i were a consultant i wont hire such team for my client but thats a topic for another day.
    i also think you do not understand the #bring back our girls campaign. it is not about Jonathan or shetima it is a demand by a people who signed a social contract with their government demanding the government to fulfill its part of the contract.
    Deji to all of you who for hope that an extended stay of this government could land you crumbs from the national cake so you twist issues and take attention from real issues i wish to say to you chei!!!!!! there is God OOO!!!!

  2. #BringBackOurGirls

    2014/05/07 at 6:15 pm

    The role played?
    With the recent state of emergency, it is clear that power has been centralised, giving the FG power over both states, with the military reporting to the FG, and with no state police, the role played by the state government has been very minimal, all they have tried to do is show that only the FG is in control.

    2. It’s not clear, since you have only heard from the WAEC, who is supervised by the Rogue Education Minster, Until the Borno govt confirms the allegations, then it will be clear (same measure was used for the Petroleum minister), reports shows that security was provided, and the BH visited the school in military uniform(disguise) to kidnap the girls.

    3. How can the administrative block be provided security and not the hostel? For God sake these buildings are in the same compound. Are you saying the policemen were giving directive to secure only the admin. blocks by day? Have you confirmed this from policemen? (Another fact-finding error).

    4. Are you implying that the duty of the principal and matron, who have families to cater for, is to serve as 24hours security guards? Since the kidnap occurred at 11pm.

    5. If you went to a Federal or state school or even private school, boarding or day, you will realise the principal and matron don’t stay on school campuses, So that makes me question your knowledge on fact-finding (Another fact-finding error).

    6. Why is your source close to the presidency? In the court of law, shouldn’t witnesses be independent? Hence your source claim is invalid. According to the video available online(which is a viable evidence) the principal was intimated by the First lady, and it will be valid to say she was nervous.

    7&8. If the security man said so, he said so because he believed if the girls heard gunshots they would’ve panicked, but he did not hear them panic, apparently few of them heard the gunshots, and don’t forget, the kidnap occurred at 11pm, in boarding school thats past bed-time. Hence most of the girls would’ve been deep in sleep.

    9. They were carried away in a lorry, but with CANTER TRUCKs in the convoy. Claims like this is why when reporting or carrying out a research, you don’t quote one source. OK? because sources will report what they saw.

    10. Your source during the meeting, could be giving out fake information, because its unofficial. The DPO wasn’t available during the attack/kidnap, he was obviously reported to.

    11. The military also reported that they had rescued the girls, which a SA to the presidency also reported, but was later confirmed false. Hence its an unofficial source.

    12. The story of the SA to the presidency came from Twitter, he announced it on twitter, and when it was confirmed false, it was deleted. Even the story of the DPO was never reported.

    13. I SEE YOU OMITTED 13

    14. Chibok was a collect centre, which means school around the town all came to write at chibok, hence there will be more than one principal, so which principal are we talking about?

    15. Thanks to Rogue minister Wike, if not for him, we won’t know the exact number.

    16. The Complaints have been withheld because of reasons, such as
    Their security, after all these issues, they will be the ones to return to Yobe, where BH is predominantly available, hence their life at risk
    Lack of trust in the FG as reported in London Guardian interview you.

    17. The girls escaped from their kidnappers, but the numbers is still at 274. No one has reported any other returnees except your ‘source at the presidency’

    18. I can’t find that report. I have search all the pages of The Guardian, can you be precise of the date it was published? Thanks

    19. The Security agencies haven’t requested for guidance, since they don’t believe anyone was kidnapped. And there is a civilian troop who visited the sambisa forest. The Military did not visit, WHY?

    20. Like I asked you, Even if the Borno govt. and your so calls political boko haramist as you claim are viable, why don’t the FG go after them?

    21. So you are stating that there are different type of BH? Are you confirming that there is a BH? If you are, why are you doubting the Kidnap? Because of they way it was carried out? Who was available to stop the kidnappers when they attacked? only the old unarmed security guard, SO WHAT IS YOUR POINT? WHO WOULD THEY HAVE KILLED?

    22. They did not escape? Are you trying to stage some Nollywood movie? They were not being kidnap, so why are they escaping?

    23. I believe these women haven’t come forward for some reasons.
    Their SECURITY, after all these issues, they will be the ones to return to Yobe, where BH is predominantly available, hence their life at risk
    Lack of TRUST in the FG as reported in London Guardian interview you.
    Extrajudicial killings has been reported in BH affected, these women are scared for their life.
    The woman who represented the Chibok community was arrested on the orders of the First Lady, but was later released. And her SA reported that she was only questioned. She was taken away with information giving to her next of kin, neither was her location made known after she was taken away from the Asokoro police station. Why? To put fear in her?

    24 & 25. Deji you need to stop trying to create a conspiracy theory, this is reality, this aint no Hollywood movie or WWii inspired novel. This is real.
    There is BH
    This Girls Were Kidnapped
    The Federal Governemt of Nigeria did nothing about this issue for weeks until the media campaign spread like wide fire.
    The Federal government of Nigeria is trying to pass blame.

    Now I have 5 simple questions for you

    1. Is there an existence of Boko Haram in Nigeria?

    2. Do you agree these girls were kidnapped?

    3. If you do agree they were kidnapped, why has it taken the the FGN more than 2 weeks to take up a step to find a solution to this issue?

    4. If you don’t agree these girls were kidnapped, why has the FGN for more than 2 weeks, not taken up a step to arrest and get to the bottom of the alleged stage kidnapping?

    5. Why did the First Lady of Nigeria order the arrest of the leader of the Chibok community?

  3. oluwaseun

    2014/05/08 at 8:35 am

    Dear Deji,
    I love your patriotism, but your support for this administration worries me.

    You have raised 25 questions which everyone should pay attention to.

    Now my questions are:
    1. Assume that you are correct, that Shettima has a hand in this, whose duty is it to expose him?

    2. The army had initially claimed to have rescued most of the girls only to retract the statement and blame it on misinformation.. who misinformed the army about its own operations?

    3. The governor refused to move the girls to a safe area but promised to provide security and failed to do so.. How safe is the entire state considering the audacious attack on Giwa Barracks?

    4. If the security forces are on ground particularly following the initial mass abductions how do you defend them in not able to deal with the mayhem that saw a reported 500 fatalities and a fresh abduction of 8

    5. While I agree with you that there has been many inconsistencies in the several statements..why didn’t you raise questions about Mr . President’s apparent lack of interest?

    6. You have almost implicated the governor in this crime which is under stable considering the fact that the average Nigerian politician is dangerous.. as the CSO of his state.. He might have failed in his responsibility to provide security for his people.. who failed to provide security for Nyanya where lightning struck twice ?

    My brother, the good news is the Americans are here.. even if the foreign policy implications don’t look beautiful, we are very likely to get to the bottom of this..

    God bless Nigeria

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