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Cheta Nwanze: Eye On The Ball, Stop Allowing Patience’s Tears Become An Issue



Today is exactly four years since Goodluck Jonathan became President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Congrats to him and his wife, Pepe.

I’m of the opinion that Pepe’s drama with the kerchief yesterday should have been ignored. There are infinitely more important things to worry about than our first lady’s obvious lack of syntax, something for which she cannot be blamed being that English is not her first language. Issues that are more important include the fact that #BokoHaram have officially claimed responsibilityfor the abduction of not a few of our young girls. They have been gone for 21 days now. What is also more important, is the fact that a woman with no powers under our Constitution can deem it fit to give our men-in-black orders, and quivering, they obey, with nary a question asked. What is more important, is that the wife of Borno’s head honcho, is more concerned about her ego, than about almost 200 maidens who were spirited away in her husband’s domain. Make no mistakes about this, while a lot of the blame for the failure that led to the disappearance of these girls can be laid at the foot of the FG, that Hajiya Nana’s hubby chops no less than N250 millions a month as security vote, an amount for which he is accountable to no one but Allah, also puts him squarely in the cross-hairs for responsibility.

Responsibility, is something that far too many people in this namespace shy away from. It shows in our sense of community, or lack of it. Hence you find that if all the tenants in a compound agree to buy a communal generator as an example, sooner, rather than later, there will be that person who will start taking stock of his neighbours’ appliances, preparatory to stepping down, or stopping his own contributions. This lack of responsibility leads us to stop being our brothers’ keepers. Thus with all the, deserved, noise being made about the missing Chibok girls, the people of Maiduguri live with daily bomb blasts. With not a sound being made about them.

Bits and Bobs

  • On someone who, hopefully, has not been forgotten, and the Cynthia Osokogu trial rumbles on. Thanks to Ade Ipaye for keeping it alive.
  • The House wanted to probe that pretty lady. The House stopped the probe on the claim that that pretty lady got a court order. The court said no such order was given, and asked the House to come and explain where they got the order from. The House failed to show up to explain. That pretty lady will sit tight.
  • In 2014, cholera outbreaks still happen. This time, Plateau state is at receiving end.
  • Meanwhile, 3 Dutchmen were kidnapped in Bayelsa state yesterday. Going by Femke van Zeijl’s moan this morning, they will soon overtake the Chibok girls as front page news.

Cheta Nwanze writes from Lagos Nigeria and tweets from @Chxta


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