Agriculture & National Development #DoAgric #CocoaNaChocolate

It is evident that growth in agriculture has five times the impact of growth in other sectors on the citizens. Nigeria was majorly an agrarian economy till the oil boom of the 1970s.

According to the CBN statistical bulletin, in 1970, 74% of Nigeria’s revenue was from non-oil exports, which were mostly  export revenue of agriculture products. Nigerians will vividly recall the Western Region with a 25-storey building from cocoa revenue, the pyramids of the North, the eastern ports loaded with rubber and oil palm business.

Nigeria was named to be the promise of the black race. How come we have a bulging youth population that accounts for 65% of the population who are mostly unemployed?

Why does the Nigerian poverty count keep increasing? With the vast farmlands, available manpower and a high food import bill, is it not time that we do more in agric?

This is a call to action for government to spend more on agriculture.

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