Opinion: Bombings By Religious Fanatics In The Name Of God Must Stop

By Farouk Martins Aresa

Starve the beast not the poor! The source of funding for religious massacre, ostentatious living and social abuse of victims must be suffocated by regulations, levies or outright phasing out at inception unless verified for charity. Money is the root of all evils; billions going to religions buy influence, political clout and recruits talikawa for dubious activity not charity. Funding religions creates vicious circles. Impose security fees on conspicuous spending even from private “gift”.
The incessant bombings by religious fanatics in the name of God must stop. Religious beliefs cannot be abolished, but it can be privatized into individual homes and place of worships only. When we hear Africans talking about two great world religions excluding their own indigenous religions, we know we are still being colonized. No African religion has destroyed more lives, deprived us of so much liberty and humiliates Africans more than Christian and Muslim violence.
Despite the sacrilegious and fetish criticism of African religions, none has been so barbaric and devastating resulting in mass murders as these foreign imported beliefs. Africans have outdone places where these religions were imported from to make them government and state religions; allocating resources and making the birthdays of their foreign leaders public holidays. If the government wants to give days off, give individuals three days to use as they wish!
Governments must start defunding religions in phases. The best way to kill the beast in them is to stop nourishing it. Most of these countries have separation of Church/Mosque and state. It was Jesus that said you should give what is unto Caesar to Caesar and what is unto God to God. In many African countries, Nigeria is where South Africa’s Mandela was surprised that a leader, no matter how gifted can’t be successful politician or head of state unless a Muslim or Christian.
We heard and read about the cruelties of Christian Crusaders but what we are witnessing in our lifetime is that of different sects of Muslim religion. People are just tired of calling it a religion of peace. The religion of peace has spurned into some uncontrollable self-inflicted malignancy that has more than embarrassed peaceful respectable Muslims. Is it massacre or sacrifice?
Locals must lead: better die fighting to exit than die cowed. IBB and Abacha crushed Maitasine; their recantation, we thought Yar’Adua decapitated. We cannot become helpless watching our people die for causes that have no meaning or benefits to Africans. They acquire arms, suicide vests and bombs sold in international markets, attend terrorist camps in foreign countries and bring their grudges into Africa to crave local power and influence. bbc.com/news/world-africa
We have leaders that have not contributed anything to the growth of their state than funding religions and declaring Sharia or Holy state but whose laws never apply to them. Instead of going on a killing spree, maiming and destroying; do it in your own homes and let the law of the land deal with you as an individual. Do not carry your evil and atrocious beliefs wrapped and decorated in peaceful religion outside your influence, Church or Mosque to gain control.
– The justice minister, Godwin Agabi, wrote to the 12 northern states which have Muslim majorities, saying that “a Muslim should not be subjected to a punishment more severe than would be imposed on other Nigerians for the same offence”. theguardian.com/world/2002/
– The instituting of sharia is widely seen as a flexing of the region’s political muscle given that President, Olusegun Obasanjo, is a southern Christian. Ironically, the embattled Obasanjo was the one who approved Sharia law when he was military ruler in the late 1970s. Today, Obasanjo says Sharia is illegal but has done nothing more than opposed Sharia punishments when confronted by the international media when he is out of Nigeria in several of his world record overseas trips. waado.org/nigerdelta/humanrights/Sharia/NigeriaOnLine-23Aug2002.html
The terrorists massacred victims unceremoniously like discarded cattle. African Countries lack the type of security and technology needed to drive these insurgencies back to where they came from. International antiterrorists that worked must take more responsibilities for driving religious malignancies into poor African countries that are not as powerful as terrorists. Already overwhelmed by poverty and hunger; the same powers aid and abet corruption by unfair trade.
After all these years, African children do not want to hear us blaming others for responsibilities we should have taken care of, like corruption. But we still have help from those that only profit from ignorance, lack of free and fair trade looking for African leaders as partners. While we are so eager to be part of the global world, we want to do it as equal partners not shorthanded. So, we can take care of the next generation first as well as our immediate security.
Helplessness in front of our children is not only humiliating, it is depressing. When a child cried out after been blasted by a bomb, to the mother not to let her die. It is the type of desperation that challenges our belief in God. If these acts are committed by a religion of God, that God cannot save us or our children. God uses man to save man, but we wish his angel can just fly by while these children cry out for help.
Some talikawa with no choice, leave their families to join terrorists for money and justice while mothers try to cope. Mothers are powerful since God gave them the power to create life but they can only take care of their wounded children, they cannot wake up a dead child. Even as adults, we wonder how our mothers could do it all. So people say, whatever it takes, violence perpetrated on innocent children and their parents on buses on their way to provide, must stop.
The billions that should be used to uplift the poor and deprived recruiters of talikawa is wasted by politicians blaming one another, Army inside job; yet unmoved by massacre to justify goals.


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