Wale Salami: Those Who Think This National Conference Is A Waste Of Time, Should Have A Seat

The National Conference, tagged severally, genuinely, and mischievously as the ‘Jonathan National Conference’, ‘Talk-Shop’, ‘Chop-Chop Conference’, ‘12 million naira Largesse Conference’, blah, blah, blah is on-going!

Genuine and objective criticisms have been thrown up following the initiation and inauguration of the conference by Mr. President, …Jonathan Goodluck.

Also, trivial, parochial and petty positions have been espoused. Prophecies and damnations too, from Nigerians; emanating from broad spectra of schools of thoughts. Pontificating, grandstanding, speechifying, sophistry and blackmails have become common-place as far as the Confab is concerned within and outside the confab.

However, what is real is real; the Confab is on-going! Several questions should come to mind:

1. Is the Confab to be ignored as an exercise in futility absolutely?
2. Should the Confab be critically or dogmatically engaged?
3. Is it absolutely true that the Confab is all about the phantom 12 million naira per delegate allowance?
4. Are issues to be addressed at the Confab germane, frivolous or trivial?
5. Will the popularly desired change in Nigeria be a process or an event?
6. How do we determine the processes or events that could ignite the change (revolution) so passionately being clamoured for by Nigerians?
7. What are the alternatives to this so-called ‘chop-chop’ confab and how are these alternatives being activated beyond political masturbations?
8. And for our self-acclaimed revolutionaries and genuine revolutionaries, is the revolution going to be like a football match with ‘reactionaries’ and ‘revolutionaries’ being on different sides of the pitch?
9. Are the ruling class elements and their underbellies at the Confab (who mostly are billionaires) there just because of the phantom 12 million naira which they have in multiples?
10. Can it be asserted that the confab is a panacea to the multifarious crises bedeviling the country?
11. And so on and so forth!

Many questions begging for answers. That is Nigeria, a country in catastrophic equilibrium. A giant with feet of clay! What is to done?
This confab is definitely not a panacea to Nigeria’s quagmire!

The ‘Prophets’ have prophesized, but let’s remember Prophets practically work hard at making their prophecies come true! This seems to apply to those who have predicted that the on-going Confab has no meaning at all!

But the contradiction remains that these elements engage this present status quo and system in one way or the other with their champions getting their 12 millions in the night only to come out in the day with bare-faced hypocrisy to pontificate and criticize their paymasters! Puritanism, Ultra-leftism, Ultra-Marxism, mischief are their colourations. They have consummated the Nigerian revolution in their heads, on their laptops, phones, press conferences and statements that has repeatedly sounded like cracked records.

Even if the revolution is like a football match, each side must cross the dividing line to score goals! The decision to engage the Confab is not totally incorrect as being portrayed. Our super ‘revolutionaries’ are engaging in bourgeois politics and it’s totally correct! They know how exactly the revolution will happen; the time and date!

Courage is what we need! We must consistently find the spark or sparks that could ignite the fire of the Nigerian revolution, fan it or them!!

We cannot continue to apply the same methods to solve the problems that have persisted for so long. We will obviously achieve only the same results.

For this conference however, the ordinary masses, Nigerians must be mobilized to own the process. The ruling class obviously are not stupid and thus have their own mind-set for the Confab but Nigerians do not have to take this lying down. The table can be turned around if conscious minds mobilize the masses!!

There are millions of ways to die or live!!!!!!!

‘Men make their own history but they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances encountered, given and transmitted from the past. The dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living.’…………… Karl Marx

By Wale Salami. follow me on twitter @don_leski



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