Opinion: Reno Omokri Is A Known Promoter Of ‘Religious Bigotry’

by Lanre Oguntoyinbo

I read Reno Omokri’s response to Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola advice to Nigerians that they should elect leaders who will do the job and not a leader who will spend must of the time in Mosque or Church.
Reading Reno’s work I was marveled and was thinking if this guy is just having fun writing or he’s jobless… I think it’s because there was no occasion for him to post pictures from events involving President Jonathan(his primary work). When you start reading the article, you’ll know that the article is built on lies and either misinformation or mere act to spread religious bigotry.
Going back to his writeup, it’s obvious Reno does not understand simple sarcasm, Governor Fashola of Lagos wasn’t talking about you entering church or mosque to pray, he was talking about leaders who instead of doing the needful, they tell you God will do it, like God will fix our hospital, roads, power, insecurity… like God will sack Deziani, sack Moro or reinstate Sanusi.
Mr. Omokri is known to be a promoter of religioUS bigotry, that’s the more reason why he tried linking Sanusi Lamido Sanusi with Boko Haram with his Wendell Simlin account but unfortunately he was caught and he couldnt deny.
Omokri is doing it again, cooking up religious stories with former aviation minister during Obasanjo’s regime, he and Femi Fani-kayode has been telling those who cares to listen that the main opposition party in Nigeria is planning a Muslim/Muslim ticket, Mr. Simlin(sorry Reno) confirmed this when he sent a tweet at Femi, telling him how he’s happy all they planned offline has materialised, they are cooking up religious stories to divide Nigerians and deviate our attention from the mismanagement and inept Govt of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
Going back to Reno Omokri’s article on Governor Tunde Fashola, I was at the venue that day, I heard it with my two ears, I had gone to Oriental hotel to celebrate a sound Lagosian at 62, I was there to celebrate a man that gave hope to my state of birth and residence, a man that gave us the best man for the job, a man that opened the eyes of so many Nigerians to mismanagement of Government at all levels, I was there to celebrate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and that night gave me the hope and chance to listen to common men in Nigeria including the disabled.
I heard Tunde Fashola made those statements offhand, I heard the words correctly, I heard him talk about how the Government has neglected the primary responsibilities and how they have given everything to God like God will come down to do the jobs while they seat back at home doing what they shouldn’t be doing, I heard it all Mr. Reno Omokri.
It’s advisable you throw away shenanigans, it won’t help you neither will it help your govt and principal, nobody is telling President Jonathan not to pray or visit church like President Obama is doing or how Franklin Delano and Harry Truman did, but the question is; is President Jonathan taking up his leadership responsibility like these men and even Joyce Banda of Malawi?
I think Governor Babatunde Fashola is too big for you Mr. Reno, even your principal’s intellectual might can’t stand this man, combination of all of you at the Presidency can’t stand this man, it’s not insult but a fact you can’t dispute that’s why Nigerian Govt is coming to Lagos at midnight to copy policies and ideas of Lagos State Govt under this man Tunde Fashola.
Mr. Omokri, if you feel like engaging a State Governor, try another state not any of the South-West Governors even Mimiko you can’t face, try Martin Elechi of Ebonyi, Abia’s Ochendo, Pleateu’s Jang is there, and please do not forget Idris Wada of Kogi or Bauchi’s Isa Yaguda.
If you come to Lagos and showcase your bigotry no one will listen to you as they are all busy working and restructuring Lagos to be a mega city (where you come every weekend to relax), who can you compete with there? Even Deputy Chief of Staff Moji Rhodes is bigger than you, Lateef Ibirogba won’t even answer you, Lateef Raji too busy for you, who will now listen? Coming to Political Party, Joe Igbokwe is thinking of bigger Fish, Rinsola Abiola’s political intellect and religious advancement will destroy your career, Gbenga Gold Olorunpomi that would have squeez out time to write you two lines might be too busy with A new Nigeria’s project…. I think Gbenga can use his time for Pepper Soup/Arsenal match(15mins half time break)on you just to give space to blogger who blogged your bigotry article but mind you he’ll tell you religion is used in dividing Nigerians by your Gov’t.
Everybody knows your trick of divide, it’s advisable you get a better job description than what you doing now.
Better still Mr. Reno, get in front of you HP Computer and tag another Nigerian that’s against your Government a Boko Haramist as that you know how to do and you have been doing best since I have heard of you, but make sure Feyi Fawehinmi is off internet whenever you are sending that to media houses as he’ll expose you like he did in Sanusi’s case and don’t forget to use a local name unlike the Wendell Simlin Nigerians(who are driven by your lies and deceit) can’t pronounce and spell during arguments to support your clueless Government.
Fashola is far too BIG for you Wendel Simlin(sorry I keep calling you that) I mean Reno Omokri.


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