NSCDC Boss Advocates Stiffer Punishment For Vandals

    In line with the nationalistic concern over the spate of vandalism of critical infrastructure of government and national assets and its heavy toll on the service delivery capabilities especially in the oil and power sector, the Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Dr. Ade Abolurin is advocating for a special court to try vandals and their collaborators who specialize in sabotaging, the power sector, telecommunications sector, oil and gas, and the transport sector which includes railways and access roads especially the aluminum rails.

    This advocacy became necessary owing to the number of arrests made by the Corps in different parts of the country by the anti-vandal squad and Special force Unit set up by the Commandant General in line with the assigned mandate of the Corps as enshrined in Section 3 (4) of the NSCDC Act 2 of 2003 as amended in 2007.

    According to the CG, the number of nefarious individuals involved in wanton destruction and vandalism of social amenities put in place by government to ameliorate the socio-economic hardship of the citizens is alarming and worrisome. Thus the Special Court is necessary to enhance speedy prosecution and dispensation of justice where offenders will be brought to book according to the law of the land without delay.

    The law is no respecter of any person, therefore, no one will be classified as a sacred cow, rather, offenders will be made to face the full wrath of the law, says Abolurin.

    A visibly livid Abolurin, while condemning the activities of vandals, solicits public support in order to stop the perpetrators of this evil act by being vigilant and ensuring that they relay timely information to the nearest Civil Defence office for quick intervention.

    He blamed the incessant shortage of fuel and the attendant long queues at filling stations across the country on vandals whose activities have led to shortage in supply as a result of damage done to the petroleum pipelines which transverse the length and breadth of the nation. Aside from that, the transformation of the power sector by Mr. President which by now should be yielding results has continually come under threat hence the resultant epileptic power supply being experienced to this day.

    Although government has commenced repair work on the vandalized and blown gas pipelines throughout the country with a view to restoring regular supply to the existing power plants and increase the power generated up to the targeted 7,000 mega watts, the Corps remains resolute in its war against vandals and saboteurs with all sense of purpose and patriotism similar to the ongoing security action against insurgency and terrorism in some parts of the country.

    The Corps Chief Executive opined that the introduction of the special court to try vandals should come with stiffer penalties such as capital punishment and the likes in order to scare potential and habitual vandals from going into the crime.

    He promised improved fuel and power supply as the war against vandalism is bound to be won by the Corps and as a result, more power project will become operational.


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