Ikhide Ikheloa: Bola Tinubu, The Thieving Fox Hosting A “Colloqium”

By Ikhide Ikheloa

O Beautiful People,

Apparently Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is 62 years old and today somewhere in Nigeria, the thieving fox is hosting a “colloqium” on something. I know only because many influential young Turks are over there breathlessly tweeting every word out if his thieving lips. In a real country, that man would be in jail and the keys thrown away. But then when will ours ever be a real country when the young continue to enable the rape of their present AND future? You all are not serious. Someone steals your millions, you go to his birthday bash to “report” on his “colloquium.” Tomorrow, you,overlords will go on Twitter and tweet about President Goodluck Jonathan’s alleged corruption. Yes, it is as alleged as Tinubu’s. We are not a serious people abeg.

Post written by Ikhide was published on his Facebook page..
Ikhide R. Ikheloa is a blogger, social and literary critic who writes non-stop on various online media. He has been published severally in books, journals and online magazines. He was a columnist with Next Newspapers and the Daily Times of Nigeria.


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