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Opinion: Protecting Children From The Scourge Of Homosexuality



President Goodluck Jonathan has largely been commended by a cross section of Nigerians for the government’s firm stand against homosexuality. Though political leaders and civil society groups in Europe and America have been up in arms since the bill was signed into law, many Nigerians know better: a number of these world leaders are only supporting same-sex unions for the sake of “political correctness”, so as to win elections.

Apart from the grave spirit-ual dangers of sexual liaisons among people of the same gender, homosexuals expose themselves to fatal health hazards which have been highlighted at various fora. It is a well-established fact that the HIV/AIDS virus thrives more among homosexuals. It is curious that despite the restraints that should have been imposed by the AIDS disease, which has swept off millions of victims, many are still involved in same-sex unions.

Moreover, medical experts have confirmed that anal intercourse which homosexuals practise tends to stretch and greatly weaken the anal sphincter muscles, leading to serious digestive problems, constipation, irregularity (of bowel movements), and ultimately to cancer of the rectum. Many homosexual men have to wear diaper-like products…

We need to point out however that some mischievous and unscrupulous persons have been recruiting innocent young ones into these foolish habits. And some having been lured in, find it difficult to break away. It is vital therefore that parents and guardians should be vigilant so that they could take quick remedial actions in case their children and wards are nursing homosexual tendencies or if anyone with such disposition is fraternizing with their children or family members.

Some of the common habits of homosexuals as stated by experts are that:

They walk, talk and dress in a feminine or lady-like manner (though here in Nigeria the issue of dressing is not so apparent). They are often very gifted in the arts and so attract people to themselves.

There is an unnecessary touching of hands, arms and shoulders. In the homosexual the elbow grip is a well-known sign. They like to hug, or hold the person by the waist, holding hands while walking, etc.

They are often given to moods.

Youths should therefore avoid: Men whom they had not known meeting them for the first time and telling them, “you look like the person I have known before”, which is merely a way of starting a conversation with the person they admire;

*Men who call them frequently without any serious matter to discuss other than just wanting them to come over to stay with them.

*Men who pose awkward questions to you, such as “how will you feel if homosexual advances are made to you” or “would you tolerate a homosexual as a friend?”

*Their colleagues who offer them gifts and favours more than is normal, including invitations to fast food centres and offers of jobs and so on.

*Youths should quickly call the attention of their parents or guardians whenever they face any pressure or enticement to homosexuality so that parents can advise and help them from falling into the trap of lesbians or gays.

Role of parents in preventing homosexual tendencies in children

Parents should: Inculcate in their children the wholesome attitude of godliness as enjoined in the Bible. For the Scriptures say: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

The need for parents to instil discipline in their children cannot be over-stressed. The falling standard of discipline in many homes makes it easy for many with a predisposition toward homosexuality to take up the practice at the first opportunity, and it is largely the reason they find it so difficult to free themselves from it.

*Look at the friends their children or wards keep. Are any of these friends exhibiting the traces of gays or lesbians as discoursed above? In some cases, this may be an indication of homosexual tendencies.

*Observe if their son or daughter keeps quiet or feels uncomfortable when homosexuality is being condemned? Note that you cannot know the mind of those under you unless you discuss with them frequently. Parents should learn to have honest, open conversations with their children so that they will learn about them. It is when a son or daughter opens up to the parents that they will find out first-hand and without any guesswork about their sexual preferences.

Parents should also note that every child needs love, but few things are worse than an overprotective, smothering affection that is showered on an infant, not for his benefit but for the mother’s.

According to Dr. Howard Hendricks “whenever a mother makes her son number one in her life, she begins to raise a pervert.” In other words, it is normal for a boy to be number two in the heart of his mother, for he doesn’t feel threatened when he knows father is number one. But when mother and father cannot preserve a love relationship and she makes the child number one, he is in trouble. He may begin to identify with her, take an interest in feminine things, and develop effeminate mannerisms. Such concerns start early in life and are very difficult to break.

It should be stated that a father’s most precious gift to his son or daughter is not food, shelter, and education, but love—and he must prove that love by spending time with his child. When the father is frequently absent from the home, the mother turns to the boy as an outlet for her emotional needs. If the home is an unhappy one where fighting and hatred abound between the parents, perhaps leading to a divorce, that may be a breeding ground for a homosexual.

Father’s Love

A boy needs to identify with his father’s masculinity; we need to bring Father back into the home, and the father and son must spend time together. The father should avoid telling his son he should have been a girl because he cannot do a man’s work. Father’s love and approval of his manhood is very important to any boy, particularly one who manifests other tendencies which may develop a predisposition toward homosexuality.

Dr. Irvin Bieber, a psychiatrist believes that, “Homosexuals are not born that way; they are made that way largely by their parents.”

Whether one believes that homosexuals are born or made, the fact is that homosexuality is at the instance of the devil and those who want to be freed from it must flee from its captivity by the power of God. (Romans 6:16; II Timothy 2:26).

The defence of homosexuality on the ground that “Some people come into this world with affections ordered toward other people of the same gender” and that “Bible passages relating to homosexuality are written in a different historical context” are spurious. Sinners are welcome to God’s organization but thereafter they have to live the new life in Christ. (Matthew 9:12-13; II Corinthians 5:17) By the same token, those who have abnormal orientations at the instance of the devil have to prayer-fully seek God’s help from such enslavement in order to serve God acceptably. The laws of God as amended by Jesus Christ ARE FOR ALL TIME, hence the specific command in Revelation 22:18-19 that no one should add or subtract from it.

Open rallies

The Bible states clearly that homosexuality is an abomination to God. The Creator so hates homosexuality and its modern variant of lesbianism and similar vices that he gave the people of Sodom exemplary punishment and decreed that “no man…abide there, neither…a son of man dwell in it”. (Jeremiah 49:18)

Unfortunately, the practice has become fashionable and is legalized in many countries. They hold rallies openly and politicians are compelled to seek offices with promises of giving more and more liberty to homosexuals.

The fact is that death lies at the door for all homosexuals, lesbians and transvestites. Unless they repent, they will not enter the Kingdom of God.
*Brother Hart is the publicity secretary of God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), Warri.


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  1. Obika

    2014/03/23 at 3:03 pm

    I’ve never read a more rubbish article than this one

  2. Anon

    2014/03/23 at 3:31 pm

    Hahahahaha. What a stupid article. Men practice anal sex with their female partners all the time. Why don’t they get cancer of the rectum?

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