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N900 million To Be Spent On Recapitalising Abuja Central Medical Store


The Federal Capital Territory Administration has approved the sum of N900 million to be spent on recapitalising the territory’s Central Medical Store.

FCT Secretary for Health and Human Services, Dr Demola Onakomaiya, said on Monday in Abuja that the FCTA approved that the fund be spread over a period of three years.

He said this was to ensure that the central store operates in line with the National Drug Distribution Guidelines.

“The approval is also meant to fast track regular supply of quality and cost effective medical supplies to the residents of the FCT,”Onakomaiya said.

The FCT Secretary also said the recapitalisation would reduce the incidence of fake and sub-standard drugs in circulation.

“The store will also be re-organised, in line with the decisions of the 50th National Council on Health held in Abuja in 2006, which will lead to the managerial autonomy of the store,” he said.

Onakomaiya disclosed that the Health Care Waste Management Policy was also approved by the council, saying health care waste had been a public concern.

“Most of the health care workers are prone to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and so many other infections. As a result of this, we have a guideline to follow.’’ he said.

The FCT Secretary lamented that over 100 health care workers in the FCT had contracted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B.

He disclosed that about 60 to 70 per cent of hospitals in the FCT had incinerators, which is one of the components of health care waste management.

Onakomaiya said other hospitals employ the ‘burn and bury’ approach, adding that in the next two quarters of the year every hospital in the FCT would have at least one incinerator.

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