$100 Donated To Nigerian Church Worshipers Causes Stir Online

The online community, was Sunday thrown into confusion as an Abuja based Church in Nigeria, Holy Hill Church decided to give each member that attended the service $100.

Contrary to what is known of most Nigerian churches today – with some pastors persuading members to give all they’ve got. The demands ranging from tithes, building offering, offering, thanks giving offering, covenant offering, testimony offering and so on.

Members that attended the church located in the Wuse 2 area of the Federal Capital Territory had a surprise waiting for them, as someone (member) they claim decided to give each person $100.

The members’ donation as expected of a church with most of it’s members and parish pastor actively on twitter was announced to the online community.

Mixed reactions trailed the donation as some were concerned about the source of the money and why the said donor decided to donate $100 each to the entire congregation .

One of the earliest reactions came from a member of the congregation, fagbohun ifeoluwa who wrote “@ife_fagbohun Somebody just sowed $100 into the life of everyone in service this Morning! Wow! I Love my Holyhill @HolyhillChurch”

Others however thanked the person that donated and defended the act as Christ had done feeding thousands of his followers.

A member wrote, @nnabros So I just got an envelope in church. Everyone got the envelope. Inside each envelope was a $100 bill. Thanks @HolyhillChurch #PSun

A follower stated, “@Miss_Jayla sharing food isn’t any different to giving money. $100 can feed a person for a month instead of one meal.”

“@Miss_Jayla crusades can be likened to trade fairs, religious channels as those QVC sales ones too.”

She continued “@Miss_Jayla You want to question the source of the money the church shared? Betwn offerings, tithes, thanksgiving & pledges, 2 weeks of collection tops”

In the same vein, @cchukudebelu: “If a husband, wife, son & daughter attended Holy Hill today – that’s $400 (N64,000) – goes a long way meeting the monthly bills.”

Mr. Ohimai Amaize, a Special Assistant to Nigeria’s Sports Minister, also a member on the church went on to defend the donation. He wrote, @MrFixNigeria The Pastor has been teaching a series on money. Someone felt moved to sow a seed

Another group of persons believe the church members are not poor and the donation could have been part of the missing $20 billion unaccounted for by the Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation.

“@WilDeji: ‘The poor and needy’. No be Holyhill dem dey sha

Chine Ezekwesili “@ChineEzeks Won’t be surprised if the $100 this benevolent individual shared in @holyhillchurch came from the missing $20 billion.It’s Nigeria after all.”

“@ChineEzeks If you live in a country where billions of money is stolen every year, you probably should question the source of any ostentatious gift.”

Some followers went on to allude that the strategy to distribute money, will increase the membership of the congregation.

Emmanuel Onuoha reaffirmed this stance with his post,Holy Hill church abj shared $100 (17k) to every member today. Watch out for turn out next Sunday. Such is our generation’s love for money…

Ronald Ike Nzimora @ronaldnzimora HolyHill Church just raised the bar. If you want to start a new Church and want members, better get your $100 bills ready.

The dramatic church donation saw the Holyhill Church trending in lagos at some point into the conversations. “Holyhill Church, @holyhillchurch is now trending in #Lagos http://trendsmap.com/ng/lagos”

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