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Valentine Special: Gift Ideas For That Special Man in Your Life on Valentine’s Day



By Hadiza Saidu

Choosing the perfect valentine gift for the man you love can be a nerve racking exercise. What to get  for him? Will he like it? Especially when you’ve explored a lot of options for past valentines, holidays and birthdays. Whether its a husband, long time lover or relatively new boyfriend you want to give him something that is thoughtful, personal and useful. Above all you want a gift that reflects the love you feel for him.

If you’re still confused about what your man would like, here are some gift ideas that will surely make valentines day special for him.


Personalized Boxers/Briefs: A pack of boxers or briefs for valentine sounds too cliché. But your man will like a personalized one, a gift that only the two of you would see and enjoy. And you would definitely share laughs over this.

personalized boxers and brief2


Perfumes: A perfume is a classic valentine’s day gift, its something you’d both like. You’d like what you choose and he’d smell really amazing and be reminded of you whenever he wears the perfume.

tom ford perfume gift pack      Chanel Bleu De Chanel perfume for men


Kindle Fire e reader:  It may not be the most romantic valentine gift of all but its practical and thoughtful if your man loves to read. It will transform how he reads books and also how he uses digital media such as watching movies, surfing the web and download application and games.

kindle fire e reader


Engraved Key Chain: A customized engraved key chain  has a personal and heartfelt touch to it.  This will be carried around by him and what way to keep a symbol of your love for him at all times other than this idea. Personalized gifts are the best.

engraved key chainengraved key chain2


Belts: Its really a universal gift for men, its stylish and practical. He gets something he can use very often. Colour matters, a black or dark brown belt will do. A belt as a valentine gift is convenient for a relatively new relationship or when you still don’t know much about it him.

belt2 belt3


Home baked heart-shaped cookies:  Sweets for your sweetheart is a time-honoured tradition on valentine’s day. You can make it extra special by baking some heart shaped cookies yourself. This truly screams ‘i love you’.

home made heart shaped cookies4 home made heart shaped cookies


Watches:  The primary function of men’s watch has gradually become more of a statement accessory than a functional timepiece. Men love a great watch and what way to treat him with one other than valentine’s day.

emporio armani men's watch   michael kors men wristwatchmarc jacobs wrist watch


Video Games:  Some guys are still boys at heart especially those below the age of 40, video games are a cool choice for the type that still likes to indulge in it. If he doesn’t own a video game console , you can become the coolest wife/girlfriend by picking one up this valentine.  If he owns one, you can pick up the latest video games he’ll enjoy. You can get one of his buddies to help out with making a choice.

ps4_play_imgx box 360   video game pack       wwe2k1421


Satellite Dish Subscription: This is a totally selfless gift especially if he spends the whole weekend watching football. He’d  be sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift and you can both enjoy lots of football weekends together.


Special Gift Basket: A men’s themed valentine gift  basket is a lovely idea, you can pick up his favourite things and put all of them  in a basket. They could range from his favourite coffee, after-shave, lotion, shampoo, cufflinks, chocolates or whatever else he’d like.  You could also pack them in a cute box too and decorate with ribbons or embellishments.

man gift basket


Framed Pictures:  A personalized photo frame of his favourite picture of you smiling has a sweet ring to it. It doesn’t matter if you are not looking your best the key thing is that it’s his favourite picture and remember its a gift for him and not you.

valentine- pic of gf smiling


Charitable Contribution:  If he is someone who has everything, you can warm his heart by making a donation to a charity and have them send a simple card indicating that a donation was made in his honour. Its a wonderful valentine gift idea.





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