APC Unfit To Govern Nigeria, Says Human Right Group

By Sunday Okobi

APC Logo
A group, Human Rights Network Initiative (HRNI), which said it has critically followed the permutations and activities of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2015 general election, has declared that the party is unfit to lead the country.

HRNI, in a statement signed by its National President and National Publicity Secretary, Mohammed Saleh and Jonas Orji respectively, which was made available to THISDAY said after reviewing the political activities of the APC, it felt disappointed with the structure and conduct of the party as well as it officials, and therefore concluded that the party is not fit to rule Nigeria.

Giving reasons for its declaration, the group said: “APC is suffering from acute development bankruptcy because the party does not have a well-articulated ideology, policies, programmes and plan of actions to develop the country as a credible alternative to the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).
“Instead, APC has through its spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, is dishing out insults and threats of violence and mayhem in the country. The party is an empty sack full of noise making which has succeeded in misleading and deceiving gullible and vulnerable politicians to its fold.

“Evidentially, APC has become a dumping ground for corrupt and frustrated politicians indicted by anti-graft agencies. Politicians who lack credibility and integrity have found APC as a safe haven to seek refuge thus weakening the party to fight corruption.”

According to the statement, HRNI alleged that: “Once you are indicted by any anti-graft agency for corruption, you automatically qualify to become a member of APC. In short, indictment for corruption by any anti-graft agency is the fastest way to become a member of APC. So, how can such a party fight corruption in Nigeria?”

The group posited that the party is inconsistent and morally deficient and “such a party without integrity and sound moral principles is not fit to rule Nigeria.

“APC did not consider the sensitivities of Nigerian plural society when it allocated its principal party positions to one religious sect and neglected the other thus preparing the stage for crises, confusion, anarchy and mayhem in the country.”

HRNI noted that although it wasn’t holding brief for President Goodluck Jonathan’s PDP government, APC seemed not to have the credibility and credentials to outshine Jonathan’s government which has improved power situation and road networks, introduced innovations in the agric sector, returned the rail transportation, reformed the sea ports, and secured our maritime domain among others.

“Nigerian voters are therefore urged to shine their eyes and reject APC in the 2015 general elections because the party has nothing positive to offer Nigerians. APC is not a credible alternative to PDP. APC is not the expected messiah we are looking for in Nigeria. APC is morally, politically and developmentally bankrupt and has no useful value for this nation,” the statement alleged.

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