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Quality Representation And Constituency Services



By Emmanuel U. Ezenwa

Credit: Thisday

Credit: Thisday

Political philosophers define politics as the authoritative allocation of values or available resources for the common good of the majority.

This definition of politics in an ideal society is in order and tend to be generally accepted, but in a polity where majority of those entrusted with the power to oversee the welfare of the masses through even and equitable distribution of commonwealth for the greater good of many have thrown all cautions to the wind and sold their conscience to the devil by been cynically parochial and reprobate in discharging their duties to their constituents.

It is said in political parlance that “a polity without a politician is a crime”. But politics without conscience is to say the least evil. There’s no gain saying the fact that the crop of politicians we have seen in recent times in this 4th republic in Nigeria are the sort that violate their oath of office and ironically flout the Constitution and will not bat an eye lid. They grossly abuse the power to appropriate and at the same time misappropriating. They confuse and abuse the right to legislate while at the same time reprobating.

They, worst of all, use the funds meant to ameliorate suffering as well as alleviate poverty and hardship from the common persons in their constituencies (majority of whom are widows, widowers, children, orphans, the physically and mentally handicapped, the teeming unemployed youths, petty rural traders, the peasant farmers etc) for personal interest, living in a larger than life state with much impunity. The indicting tears of these poor masses will not cease to cry out for vengeance and justice against the sins of our leaders that has brought severe reproach to the nation.

However, all hope is not lost! An average Nigerian should take solace knowing there are still few chosen ones among the many that are called to serve who have not sold their souls to the devil. They understand as well as retain the diminishing sense of service to humanity. These leaders consciously or unconsciously borrowed a leaf from the example of leadership led by our Lord Jesus Christ who stooped low so much as to wash the feet of his disciples. I make bold to say that only the most blessed constituents in the country enjoy the dividends of good leadership borne out of passion and relentless sacrifice.

The Imo West Senatorial Constituency of Imo state has serendipitously made a choice to rejuvenate and secure a permanent leveraging seat on the same political pedestal with other progressive societies. It did so when the people for the first time, ventured with one voice to endorse the candidacy of Senator Hope Uzodinma, a man who has been nick- named the “Moonlight and Hope of the South- Eastern Nigeria”.

His introduction to the political history of Imo West has since cut short the reign of poor and passive leadership over quality and responsive interventions. His pragmatic strategy and insightful modality has no respect for zone, state, district, local councils and rural communities. I stand to be judged by posterity if I report falsely that Senator Uzodinma (Chairman Senate Committee on Aviation) has influenced the renovation of Sam Mbakwe International Airport, Owerri, the taking off of Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, more than twenty road projects, more than twenty electricity projects, gainful employments for a substantial number of his constituents into federal government MDAs, home for elderly priests and a befitting secretariat for traditional rulers from the zone.

On Monday 16, December 2013 the entire senatorial district and indeed Imo state went agog as Uzodinma made history and carved a niche for his constituency as the first serving senator from Imo state ever to mark what he tagged “My Empowerment Day”. It was a remarkable day the people of the zone will never forget in a hurry. The unique senator demonstrated that his election transcends quality representation into characteristic generosity and philanthropies. On that epoch making day, Uzodinma (fondly called Onwa Oyoko) gladly doled out twenty four (24) Toyota Hiance Buses, one hundred and fifty (150) tricycles, three hundred (300) motorcycles, one hundred sewing machines and other self employment tools with takeoff grants to about one thousand (1000) beneficiaries. This was done to the amusement of eminent dignitaries that graced the event among them were the National Chairman of PDP with members of the National working Committee, prominent and serving federal lawmakers, King Jaja of Opopo, Ambassador George Obiozor, who chaired the occasion, royal fathers, the clergy, friends and associates from all walks of life.

The high point of the event was when the distinguished senator was called upon to make a speech. The demonstration of humility and charisma in his brief speech was summarised with these choice of most powerful words “I am here today to say only three things to you my beloved people… 1. Just to say thank you 2. Just to say thank you and 3. Just to say thank you”. He owes his constituents nothing but gratitude and service which quickly gave him away as a gift and indispensible asset to his constituency. Uzodinma is indeed a great leader who is not working for re-election, but for his generation.
Written by: Emmanuel U. Ezenwa through [email protected].

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