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Open Letter To Junaid Mohammed & His Fellow Shariyalanders: Re 2015 Bloodshed & Civil War



By Chinweizu
Credit: DailyTrust

Credit: DailyTrust

Read There’ll be bloodshed if Jonathan runs warns Junaid Mohammed December 1, 2013



Here is my three-point rejoinder to Junaid Mohammed and his threats:
1] The issue isn’t whether or not President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GEJ, runs in 2015 (that is his personal affair and his constitutional right) or whether or not there will be bloodshed if he does; the issue is whether there should be any further elections under the fraudulent 1999 constitution.
That “constitution” is a self-interested creation of Northern generals, for the parochial interest of Shariyaland. Many genuine Nigerians hold that any future elections must be under a new constitution created by a transparent democratic process and approved by the people through a referendum.
That is what the two-decades-long Sovereign National Conference, SNC, campaign has been about, and it is what will be decided through the ongoing National Dialogue/Conference process. In any case, there is already bloodshed–Boko Haram bloodshed, bloodshed by rampaging Fulani cattle herdsmen–all sponsored by the Caliphate big wigs on whose behalf Junaid is speaking and making these threats.
2] But even more importantly: What is Junaid’s locus standi for discussing Nigerian elections or any other Nigerian issue? After all, he is just a fake Nigerian, a foreigner, an alien. As a citizen of a Shariya state, he isn’t a Nigerian anymore. Ditto for Buhari and Yakassai and Lawal Kaita and those chieftains of the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, who hail from Shariya states.
Juniad and his Caliphate gangsters should realize that their home states, by adopting shariya as their constitution in 2000, repudiated the 1999 Constitution and by that act committed de jure secession from Nigeria.  Accordingly, citizens of these shariya states, a.k.a Shariyaland, have as little locus standi to discuss Nigerian affairs or contest elections in Nigeria as do citizens of Mongolia or Azerbaijan or Cyprus or the moon.
They should stop disturbing us with their opinions and threats. They made themselves foreigners. And threats from them are tantamount to threats from a foreign country–i.e. an act of aggression on Nigeria by Shariyaland.
President Olusegun Obasanjo, OBJ, did Nigerians a great disservice by not formally accepting their secession and openly declaring Nigeria freed of them in 2000. But nothing stops GEJ from doing so today. It should be made clear to them and the whole world that the Shariya states (Shariyaland) have seceded from Nigeria and that their secession is wholeheartedly accepted.
But if they insist on forcing themselves back into and upon Nigeria, then that’s an act of aggression and should be repulsed by total war on Shariyaland. In that case, Nigerians must fight a just war of self defence against Shariyaland aggression.
Frankly, Junaid Mohammed, Muhammadu Buhari, Lawal Kaita, Tanko Yakassai and their ACF gangsters have abused our hospitality for the past 14 years. Orkar excised them from Nigeria for just one day in 1990. They butchered their way back! But then they voluntarily excised themselves in 2000.
But they have been carrying on as if they were still genuine Nigerians. It is more than time to tell them to shut up and go away and leave us Nigerians in peace to give ourselves a constitution of our own making. They and their 1999 Constitution are no longer part of Nigeria.
All their National Assembly legislators are illegitimate, so too their  members in any Nigerian institution or organization: Soldiers, ambassadors, state governors, state legislators, Local Government councilors, judges, board members, civil servants–from permanent secretaries down to janitors and messengers; so too their members on the Advisory Committee on the National Dialogue/Conference.
Shariyalanders in any of these positions are illegitimate and should be dismissed. Their salaries and allocations should be stopped immediately and they should be given 48 hours to pack up and leave Nigerian territory and return to their homes in their country, Shariyaland. Abuse of hospitality by aliens in a foreign state has its limits!
And all Nigerians still in Shariyaland should immediately leave that foreign territory and return to their home states in Nigeria.
3] On the SNC demand as asking for Civil War
It should be noted from the foregoing that war between Shariyaland and Nigeria is not civil war, but a war between two neighboring countries. And it began in 2005 when Shariyaland’s emirs recruited Boko Haram to make war on Nigeria. That is to say Boko Haram is Shariyaland’s war of aggression on Nigeria. In order to appreciate this fact, it is helpful to ask: Is Boko Haram a sectarian insurgency or a war of reconquest?
The conventional view of Boko Haram is that it is a sectarian insurgency. Another view, based on wider historical evidence, is that it is not an insurgency but a war of reconquest waged on Nigeria by a section of Nigeria, Shariyaland, that seceded and now wants to reimpose itself on Nigeria.
I shall examine this perspective and then explore its implications for how Nigeria might fight to win this war.
In summary, this view is that a section of Nigeria, Arewa (Sokoto Caliphate) that ruled Nigeria from 1960 to 1999, lost power in 1999, and seceded in 2000, and became a separate country, Shariyaland, and began a war to reconquer Nigeria, using Boko Haram as its military instrument starting in 2005.
Part of Nigeria’s difficulty in fighting this war is that Shariyaland has a pervasive fifth column within the Nigerian government and political parties. This fifth column consists of Shariyaland citizens who are holding positions in Nigerian government and political parties, all the way from the Vice Presidency to party leaders in both the ruling PDP and the opposition APC. It includes the governors and NASS legislators from Shariyaland; it includes Shariyaland personnel in the security forces, in the media, the economy, etc.
Can you imagine Britain winning the war against Germany if it had in its cabinet, parliament, armed forces, media, banks, civil service, and every institution of British life, a huge fifth column of Germans loyal to Hitler and organized to assist Hitler?
Or can you imagine Abraham Lincoln winning the US civil war if his Vice President was a Confederate politician, his cabinet included Confederate men, the Congress still included Confederate legislators, and the Union Army was full of Confederate generals and soldiers?
So, that is the fundamental anomaly that Nigeria must speedily rectify if it is to respond correctly to this war of aggression by Shariyaland. Nigerians must stop confusing and deceiving themselves and come to a correct understanding of what’s going on. And they must then make a conscious decision to wage a war of resistance to this aggression from their Shariyaland neighbor.
Unless they do, they will be conquered and recolonized by the Caliphate’s Shariyaland and enslaved. When the situation is seen in this new light, the question now is this: Is President Jonathan ready to lead Nigerians in an open and declared war of liberation from the Caliphate? A designated war of resistance to this ongoing Shariyaland aggression?
Chinweizu is a historian and Neo-Garvey Pan-Africanist. His books include The West and the Rest of Us, (1975); and Decolonising the African Mind (1987).
[email protected] All rights reserved. © Chinweizu 2013


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