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This Season 8 Must-Have Fashion Trends For Women



By Hadiza Saidu

From the runway to high street, this season is filled with trends worth trying and there’s something for everyone. Take a look at our top 8 trends and pieces to draw inspiration from.

1.  HOUNDSTOOTH:  This timeless print has made a stylish return and designers are loving it, it’s neutral and can be worn for virtually any occasion. From work wear to casual attire, semi formal to formal attire the houndstooth exudes truly chic and modern appeal. Women of every age, size and shape can express their own unique personality and style with ease because of its smart versatility.

   houndstooth top

asymmetric houndstooth bud skirt



houndstooth crew neck knit top  houndstooth jacket


houndstooth skater dress in hot pink 2houndstooth top handle bag



2.  PLAIDS, CHECKS AND TARTAN:  This grunge look that was a huge hit in the nineties is back with a big bang. But the tartan doesn’t have to be in flannel anymore or limited to the lumberjack shirts, it’s now glamorous and luxurious. The choices range from plaid dresses, plaid skinny pants, plaid leggings, plaid skirts, plaid jackets, plaid coats and of course the good old plaid shirts.

Philip Lim plaid cashmere blend dressplaid shirt by ralph lauren


Ralph lauren plaid blouseplaid pants2

plaid dress2plaid pants



3.  PEPLUM:  Peplums have welcomed this season with a more structured elegance. The peplum is still in vogue so go ahead and find the right one for your figure.  It defines the waist for fuller figures and add s curves to slender figures. Peplum jackets are a must for every woman’s wardrobe and a pretty good buy. Don’t leave out the peplum blouses and dresses on your shopping list too.

winter berries jacketpeplum crepe blazer


peplum dresspeplum top2peplum top3peplum dress2


4.  EMERALD:  Termed the 2013 colour and still going strong, from army to emerald green it adds an exclamation mark to your look. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a piece of this colour, use emerald in combination with gold, black or burgundy to give it an extra special and chic classy look. Emerald looks incredibly good in statement pieces and accessories.

emerald topemerald handbag

emerald dressemerald ear rings

emerald dress2emerald ring


5.  WINTER WHITE:  Winter white is the light in this season’s fashion and you can be in the light by going all out in an all white ensemble. This look is bold without being flamboyant and suits everyone. Don’t just think this works at night only; you can also impress your friends with a white casual look during the day.

3497012white tshirt


white shirtwhite jeans

white pursewhite marchesa dress

6.  LEATHER:  This is my favourite and also the most worn fashion trend of all times for this season. Our hot weather isn’t often suitable for this look but adding a few pieces of leather to your look on a cool day will do. This trend can be extremely chic, sporty and womanly depending on how it is styled. It adds that edge to your look. Leather from head to toe is a definite no unless you’re a biker babe.

leather pencil skirtleather blue dress

leather shirtleather leggings

leather dress2leather panel denim dress


7.  PINK: From dusky paler shades to bubble gum, pink is the colour for autumn. This colour is a dynamic hue that has the uncanny ability to evoke a bold and vibrant look one moment then just as quickly it can be transformed to a subtle and understated look.

pink baroque shift dresspale pink jacket

pink moschino dresspink sweater top


powder pink dresspink ring


8.  LEOPARD PRINT: Leopard prints are not going anywhere soon. The classic brown and black are a definite yes. This trend can be seen in bags, dresses, sweaters, pants, blazers and accessories. It can be worn in more chic and understated way too. Go ahead and splurge on this animal print trend.

leopard print dressleopard print bag


leopard print blouseleopard print jeans


leopard print top2leopard print shirt


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  1. Laure

    2013/11/23 at 6:31 pm

    Hello Hadiza, been following your blog for a while now and I think I so much love your Fashion post on here. Keep the good work babe’s. For this edition, I am so copying some of the recommendation and see that I add them to my wardrobe before the years ends. I am a Fan of your blog

    • Hadiza Saidu

      2013/11/23 at 8:57 pm

      Thanks. Go right ahead!!

  2. kiya

    2013/11/25 at 8:00 am

    Hadiza Saidu,

    Kudos!!! Likewise am an ardent lover of fashion ,looking good is a DEFO for every woman , in fact it is our RIGHT….LoL
    Knowing the right outfit to wear at times is challenging , but thanks to a brilliant and fashionista mind like yours, we have a friend we can count on always….. please keep it up. I loveeeeeee all the items you posted and I can envision myself wearing the red peplum jacket, like you said it is a must …. Soooo true.
    Looking forward to more posts from you and also a bigger THANK YOU for making drool over the items, might be getting 1 or 2 or 3 or …. items , don’t blame me , you know WOMEN and FASHION!

    Remain Blessed.

  3. Hemba

    2013/12/01 at 1:14 pm

    Wow.. This is lovely hadiza and easy because you make the combination easy being a mom and not having time to pick the right cloths your blog just makes it easy for me thank you.

    • Hadiza Saidu

      2013/12/01 at 2:00 pm

      Thanks for your kind comments kiya and Hemba.

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