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Padded Budget: APC’s Intervention Gagging Lawmaker Jibrin A Setback On Fight Against Corruption Says KOWA



KOWA Political Party considers the gagging of Lawmaker Abdulmumin Jibrin over the budget crisis as a set back in Buhari’s fight against corruption in a statement issued Thursday.

The All Progressives Congress, APC had issued a letter to the Kano Lawmaker urging him to stop talking to the press about the 2016 budget insertions where he has repeatedly called on Speaker Yakubu Dogara and three others to step aside accusing them of corruption.

Jude ‘Feranmi (JFK), National Youth Leader, on behalf of the National Executive Council, KOWA PART in a statement issued reads below..

“It is highly important to react to the recent effort by the All Progressives Congress, as quoted in a letter to Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin, “looking towards finding possible solution” to the crisis in the National Assembly.

“First and Foremost, we make bold to say and enlighten the All Progressives Congress that this is not a crisis between two of their members but an alleged act of corruption in the National Assembly which consists of members representing the Nigerian People.

“Secondly, the All Progressives Congress’ attempt to find a possible solution births many questions to which answers need to be provided.

“Is this so called “possible solution” a political solution that will ensure that the many heart-wrenching details of allegations levelled against principal officers of the National Assembly suddenly disappear as was done in the days of the People’s Democratic Party in the case of Farouk Lawan?

“Does the leadership of the party and “indeed the government” who are not happy with the recent developments include the Presidency from which investigative agencies derive their political resolve?

“Does this solution also include an attempt to hinder or stop investigative agencies from doing their work or even going as far as declaring a pre-arranged conclusion to their investigation?

“As is evident to all and sundry, the only sector that has seen a lot of political will from this APC Led administration is the fight against corruption irrespective of what has been achieved and how effective the war is being fought with the unrelenting search for oil in the North Eastern part of the country coming a close second.

“Should the All Progressives Congress end up finding this solution that they have now started to search for in what is likely to manifest as a sweeping under the carpet of these allegations, the fight against corruption would not just have been set back, it would now be seen as what Nigerians have been suspecting it of being, an act of vendetta that is targeted only at those not within Mr President’s circle of influence.

“We are therefore calling on all stakeholders, including and especially Nigerian Citizens to monitor the progress of the investigations of the anti-graft agencies and bring all culprits to justice irrespective of who they are and whether they belong to the alleged camp or the alleging camp.

“Our Party is working assiduously in ensuring that come 2019, we would usher in a new set of Nigerians who are competent and passionate about the Nigerian people and how DRASTIC Reforms in all sectors will help root out corruption, inefficiency and mismanagement for the benefit of the people.



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