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“No Woman Shall Be Employed in Underground Work in Any Mines” and Four Other Times the Nigerian Legislative System Disappoints Women

by Abigail Anaba You may be one of those who were outraged when in 2014 Movie Director and Media Personality Kemi Adetiba, shared her experience at Spice Restaurant, Lagos, Nigeria. Ms Adetiba was initially barred from entering the facilities because of her gender. The restauranteurs said it was corporate policy[Read More…]

Nollywood Producer, Emem Isong Weds Her Camerounian Beau [First Photos]

Nollywood movie producer; Emem Isong is officially married. Emem got married to her Cameroonian lover yesterday, Dec.6, 2014 in Akwaibom state. Her husband was said to have already seen her people on the 3rd of October, 2014 before they fixed the big date. They already had their court wedding a[Read More…]