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Femi Aribisala: What Exactly Is ‘Clueless’ About Goodluck Jonathan? (1)

Jonathan is the most highly-educated president in the history of Nigeria. The English have an expression: “give a dog a bad name in order to kill it.” It refers to the malicious misrepresentation of someone in order to discredit him. This has been strategy of the opposition to Goodluck Jonathan[Read More…]

Femi Aribisala: Who Believes The Lie That There Are More People In The North Than South

Everything turns upside down in Nigeria. Logic becomes illogical. Wisdom becomes foolishness. Two plus two becomes seven. Hospitals become mortuaries. Stealing is not corruption. Education is a sin. In Nigeria, so many things fly in the face of simple commonsense. One major example is the ridiculous idea that, by some[Read More…]

Femi Aribisala: APC Must Must Not Only Talk But Walk Progressivism

To be truly progressive, the APC must not just talk progressivism, it must walk progressivism. The fact that Nigeria is a country with some 350 ethnic groups makes it imperative that we must always be politically mindful of ethnic, religious and regional considerations. Failure to do this on the idealistic[Read More…]

Femi Aribisala: What Man Of God Is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

Christian pastors have become demigods. Their word is law; no questions asked. As Jesus said, they teach as doctrines the commandments of men. (Matthew 15:9). They come up with all kinds of self-serving principles that turn scripture on its head; just in order to justify themselves before men and control[Read More…]

Femi Aribisala: INEC Is Aiding The APC, And The North

In my article on the recent election in Osun State, provocatively titled “How APC Lost the Osun Election;” I was lavish in praising the INEC. I said: “Attahiru Jega is by far Nigeria’s best public-servant. He is yet again, the real winner of the Osun election; and he is doing[Read More…]

Femi Aribisala: #Bring Back Our Northern Domination “The North Is Born To Rule”

The Northern Elders Forum, the apostles of “the North is born to rule,” finally played their joker. They maintained that if the government does not #Bring Back Our Girls by the end of October, 2014, Jonathan should forget about running for re-election. This again reveals that there is more political[Read More…]

Femi Aribisala: The Problem With Apostle Paul

The critique of Paul’s jaundiced theology often results in a barrage of ungodly abuses and invective from Christian pretenders. Then there are those who use Paul’s nonsensical logic to justify Paul. They will quote to you Paul’s self-serving statement that: “The natural man does not receive the things of the[Read More…]

Femi Aribisala: Dont Get It Twisted, APC Lost The Osun Election

The only way the APC could have won the Osun election is by rigging it. My first impressions are usually mistaken. If I have a good first-impression about someone, it generally turns out to be wrong. But if I have a bad first-impression, it usually turns out to be right.[Read More…]