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U.S. Undercover Investigators Among Those Exposed In Data Breach

(Reuters) – A cyber attack at a firm that performs background checks for U.S. government employees compromised data of at least 25,000 workers, including some undercover investigators, and that number could rise, agency officials said on Friday. The breach at Falls Church, Virginia-based US Investigations Services (USIS) exposed highly personal[Read More…]

Russian Hackers Stole 1.2 Billion Passwords: Researchers

(AFP) Russian hackers stole 1.2 billion Internet credentials from major US companies and others around the world in what is likely the biggest data breach ever, security researchers said Tuesday. The US firm Hold Security said the gang which it dubbed “CyberVor” collected confidential user names and passwords were stolen[Read More…]

How To Remain Private On The Internet

By Perkins Abaje A major issue of concern, over the years, for internet utility users and experts is the increasing case of cyber spying on the web.  I have considered ‘internet privacy’ as a fundamental area of concern and interests and due to the many years of surfing the net,[Read More…]

Britain Unveils Emergency Laws To Keep Email, Phone Data For Security

By Michael Holden and William James (Reuters) – Britain said on Thursday it would rush through emergency legislation to force telecoms firms to retain customer data for a year, calling the move vital for national security following a decision by Europe’s top court. Communication companies had been required to retain[Read More…]