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Senate Seeks To Ban Importation of Used Cars

The Senate Committee on Privatization, has proposed a ban on the importation of used cars. Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, who is the chairman of the committee, made this know while on an oversight visit to the assembly plant of Volkswagen of Nigeria Automobile Limited in Lagos. He urged local manufacturers to[Read More…]

Pat Utomi: Nigeria’s Automotive Policy And The Rest Of Us

It was a little surreal to learn of a new automotive policy that had just been proposed for Nigeria. A close mimic of the import substitution industrialisation strategy made famous by Latin American economist, Raul Prebisch, from his time as the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America[Read More…]

Opinion: Cheating Death

Thrill seekers that cheat death! You would think that with so many provoked and unprovoked wars, dictators killing their own people, domestic violence, hunger and diseases; humans would not engage in self-destructive behaviors mimicking Russian roulette. If you do not care about you, how about those that care, love, rely[Read More…]