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Book Review: Voluntary Union, Reshaping Nigeria With A Harvest Of Home Truths

By Armsfree Ajanaku Suddenly, 100 years after the historic colonial exertion of 1914, discussions about the future of Nigeria have assumed a feverish pitch. First, there is the ongoing National Conference, which is providing Nigerians across the country’s six geo-political zones the opportunity to vent their spleen about the direction[Read More…]

Armsfree Ajanaku: Diezani, Travails Of Tragic Heroine

Those who take more than a passing interest in ancient philosophy would recall some of the polemics of Greek philosopher, Aristotle. In one of those seminal postulations, the sage laid the theoretical basis for understanding the exertions, travails and eventual fall of the tragic hero. In the Aristotelian worldview therefore,[Read More…]