Author: David Hundeyin

Roadblocks by the Niger: What Legalised Roadside Extortion Means for the people of the South

In 2016, I traveled to Ekwulobia in Anambra State for a brand activation. As far as I knew, there was no war going on in southeastern Nigeria, but I couldn’t help but notice that the place looked like it was literally under siege. While crossing the Niger Bridge from Asaba[Read More…]

The Curious Story of a Dead Nigerian Billionaire’s Missing Body

On December 27, 2018, High Chief Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs and his wife Seinye took off on a private flight from Port Harcourt International Airport to Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. The short hop from Nigeria to Ghana on a charter flight was hardly a rarity for the billionaire businessman[Read More…]

There is Something Rotten about Tech in Nigeria

In July 2016, having just resumed a new job at an e-commerce startup on Victoria Island, I witnessed the bizarre spectacle of my new colleagues carrying out a collection for a delivery driver. Bizarre because he was not bereaved, incapacitated, in family difficulty or otherwise disadvantaged in any way. He[Read More…]

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Binta Murtala Nyako’s Historic Abuja Raid Verdict, What You Need to Know

Three days ago the Federal High Court, Abuja delivered a historic ruling in a case that effectively served as a proxy for a wider issue of the rights of sex workers in Nigeria and the activities of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board. In her ruling on the case between sixteen[Read More…]

Beer VAT and the Burning Contradiction Up North

One of the most interesting anecdotes I like to recall from my Marketing career was when I spoke to a senior management type at one of Nigeria’s two major brewery companies. Before making it to his position, he had cut his teeth in Sales, then in Marketing and he had[Read More…]

Who Died and Made Bobrisky a Nigerian Cultural Leader?

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju is apparently a hero. According to Wikipedia, Idris, who is better known by the name ‘Bobrisky’, is an “internet personality and philanthropist who is known as a prominent transgender woman in Nigeria, a country with no LGBT rights.” Having gained prominence by becoming a well-known social media[Read More…]

Nigerian Government moves to cage the last untamed media space

In October 2017, radio presenter Nelly Kalu and SBM Intelligence partner, Cheta Nwanze were live on air hosting a midday talk show where they were discussing the historical account and fallout of the Asaba Massacre on the 50th anniversary of the terrible event.  A phone call suddenly came through to[Read More…]

In Nigeria, Poverty Charges Interest: What I Learnt From a Week Without a Car

What I especially remember is how utterly exposed I felt the night it happened.  I was on my way from Ikoyi to my office in Ogba, ahead of a late night work session after spending the day fighting deadlines and presenting my radio show. To my mind, the fact that[Read More…]

The Untold Story of the AEPB, Abuja’s Uniformed Female Harassment Unit

“They brought out two girls from the van and asked for money, those that didn’t have money were all raped by the police, anyone that paid was allowed to go and from the van, if you had no money you’d be raped before they left you go off the van.”[Read More…]