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Tunde Leye: Making Nigerian Writing Profitable

By Tunde Leye I was reading Ayo Sogunro’s twitter interview with 1Pageweekly.com the other day and one of his responses struck me. Most of us Nigerian writers, especially those based in Nigeria are polygamists. We are married to the pursuit of our writing for the passion, but are stuck in[Read More…]

John Ainofenokhai: 2015 Presidency & Buhari’s Desperation

By John Ainofenokhai With the 2015 elections inching closer, the political decibel is expectedly rising. Permutations about possible candidates for various political offices are also on the increase, just like the prospects of the various political parties. One man whose name has been touted severally from the opposition camp as[Read More…]

How Western Philosophy Ruins Nigerian Marriages

By Odimegwu Onwumere Newly married couples in Nigeria on the day of celebration wear a cheerful look. This is because every marriage is procedural in the country. There is no form of enslavement marriage, neither is there a slave nor a slave master anywhere. Women are not sold off. Marriages[Read More…]

Ebubedike Akabuwa: In Jonathan’s Aso Rock, There Is Never A Dull Moment

By Ebubedike Akabuwa “Out of Africa”, wrote Pliny about two thousand years ago, “always something new”. Perhaps Pliny had the GEJ administration in mind when he made his observations. This administration has attained near-notoriety for always having “something new” and mostly headline worthy for public consumption. Take for example, the[Read More…]

Farouk Martins Aresa: Ndi-Igbo Loved & Cherished By Most At Home

By Farouk Martins Aresa There is no other place Ndi-Igbo are loved or cherished more than in their own Country, from the South to North. Even just before secession of Biafra, which was one of the lowest points in Ndi-Igbo history, more people throughout their Country empathize with them. More[Read More…]

Charles Dickson: My New Year Resolution – To Steal More

By Prince Charles Dickson “Kowa ya dade yaga dadau”. – Hausa (Whoever live long, will see wonders). This is my first admonition for the year 2014, and permit me to share my New Year resolution with us. If topics are anything to go by, don’t be alarmed; hopefully in the[Read More…]

Reno Omokri: Nigeria in 2014, Fact Versus Fiction

By Reno Omokri I was about to write this piece detailing the positive effects of the Transformation Agenda when I was confronted with a hypocrisy which could possibly pass for the mother of all hypocrisies. On the 18th of December 2013 several newspapers carried the statement from the All Progressive[Read More…]

Douglas Anele: How Religion Underdeveloped Nigeria (3)

By Douglas Anele In fact, despite the hysterical shibboleths of sycophants, broad sections of Nigerians believe, correctly, I am afraid, that President Jonathan’s administration is among the most corrupt since independence. If religion were a force in fostering good leadership, Nigeria would have been the greatest country in the world,[Read More…]

Mohammed Hussein: A PDP Mole In Sokoto APC

By Mohammed Hussein Politics is a game where your worst enemy can pretend to be your best friend with the sole purpose of getting at you. Politics allows pretenders to masquerade as serious contenders, but the end will always justify the means. It was obvious that during the merger process,[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: What We Must Do – Part 2

By Tunde Leye The first part of this piece is published HERE The narrative of what it means to be Nigerian must be crafted. It is this narrative that will drive every other thing. Today, even though Ghanaians have their own ethnic fault lines, the contradictions between being of Asante[Read More…]