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Pat Utomi: Nigeria’s Automotive Policy And The Rest Of Us

It was a little surreal to learn of a new automotive policy that had just been proposed for Nigeria. A close mimic of the import substitution industrialisation strategy made famous by Latin American economist, Raul Prebisch, from his time as the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America[Read More…]

Godwin Emefiele Takes Over As CBN Governor [Photos]

The new governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Godwin Emefiele, on Tuesday took over the administration of the apex bank  as former acting Governor, Sarah Alade, handed over the mantle of Leadership to the banker at the bank’s headquarters in Abuja Emefiele who promised to unfold his agenda for[Read More…]

Agriculture And National Development, Call For Action

It is evident that growth in agriculture has five times the impact of growth in other sectors on the citizens. Nigeria was majorly an agrarian economy till the oil boom of the 1970s. According to the CBN statistical bulletin, in 1970, 74% of Nigeria’s revenue was from non-oil exports, which[Read More…]

South Africa’s Zuma Promises To Boost Economy In Second Term

(Reuters) – South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma said on Saturday economic growth in the continent’s most advanced economywould be the focus of his second term, as he was inaugurated in the nation’s capital, Pretoria. The national development plan, a blueprint for growth drawn up in his first term would be the[Read More…]

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari: Our Economy And Our Society’s Security

In the last couple of weeks our country has attracted the World’s attention for the wrong reasons. The dreadful and appalling crime of up to 300 school girls’ abduction has shocked the world’s conscience. News of efforts to rescue the girls has rather overshadowed the World Economic Forum Africa, whose[Read More…]

Okey Ndibe: The Time Of The Gross Domestic Producers

That Nigeria has passed South Africa as Africa’s largest economy when calculated by Gross Domestic Product is almost old news. The coverage of that feat afforded Nigeria’s image a rare shining moment in the foreign media. As Uri Friedman wrote in The Atlantic, “Something strange happened in Nigeria on Sunday:[Read More…]

Opinion: Rebasing, After The Hypes And The Hisses

By Dele Sobowale “Nigerian GDP at purchasing power parity has almost tripled from $170 billion to $451 billion ib 2012,”. CIA World Fact Book. The spin doctors and the skeptics have had their say. It is time for the economists to regain their property and explain what rebasing means and[Read More…]

Opinion: Boko Haram Isn’t The Problem, Jonathanians Are

By Adepoju Paul Even though I strive daily to look the other way when it comes to news emanating from Nigeria’s political arena, I fight a bigger battle within myself keeping quiet as Jonathanians attempt to defend what shouldn’t be defended. After giving it a deep thought, I’ve come to[Read More…]