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10 Weirdly Most Expensive Things in the World — Their Prices Will Shock You



Wealthy people are known for spending thousands and even millions on certain items; an action that surprises most typical people.

Although some things justify their cost, some expensive items are ridiculous for their prices, at least when viewed from the eyes of a typical person. However, beauty and worth are in the eyes and mind of the holder.

Below are some weirdly expensive things in the world. Their prices will shock you!

10. Platinum-Infused La Prairie Skincare – $1,000

Really?!! A skincare product could cost this much? Wow!

La Prairie sells their Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, a platinum-infused moisturizer that touts incredible rejuvenating properties, for $1,000 per jar.

9. Ham at Selfridges – $3,000

A 7 kg (15 lbs) piece of ham is currently being sold at British retailer Selfridges for a hefty $2,940. The world’s most expensive ham comes with its DNA certificate.

This proof of authenticity boasts that the ham leg comes from a Spanish black Iberico pig raised by pig farmer and ham enthusiast Manuel Maldonaout.

The pigs are fed on an exclusive diet of acorns and roots so that the meat has a distinctive flavor and a texture that melts in your mouth.

8. Wasabi peas – $10,000

If you love spicy, crunchy snacks and have $10,000 to spare, you can order 2 pounds of wasabi-coated dried peas online.

Wasabi peas are particularly rich in manganese, an essential mineral that acts as an antioxidant to help prevent oxidative damage to the cells.

They also provide thiamin, a B vitamin that plays a key role in energy metabolism, growth, and development.

7. TON Golden Speakers – $23,000

“Enough of the boring speakers around the house”, is probably what TON thought when they designed their golden speakers.

The design featured a floating Buddha luxuriously coated with 23-karat gold.

6. The Celine iPad Case Box – $24,000

The Céline iPad case box is reputed as the world’s most expensive and luxurious iPad case.

Sold for approximately $24,000, the Celine iPad Case Box is crafted in Italy from smooth, high quality leather with a thick, gold zip.

The case features two inner compartments – one intended for holding documents and cards and another padded space for housing one’s iPad.

5. The Hommage Damascene Razor – $30,000

Now we take you on a journey to Paris, France, the love city. Here you will find the world’s most expensive razor made by Hommage.

The Hommage Damascene Razor sells for about $30,000. This limited-edition straight razor features a platinum sheath with the same age-old layering techniques as the Crusaders’ swords. 

4. Jar filled with human spirit

Well, there is no way to confirm if the jar indeed contains a spirit or who the human the spirit belongs to. However, according to reports, the jar was sold for $55,000, which is nothing short of a miracle.

3. The Hypoxi Trainer S120 – $59,000

The HYPOXI-Training devices systematically treat specific problem areas on your body and combine moderate fat-burning training with the activation of blood.

People willing to try it out pay as much as $108 per session. Some critics consider it a hefty investment. For that price, you could also book 12 sessions with a personal trainer. 

2. Victoria’s Secret ‘VS Wish’ Bras – $5 million

Victoria’s Secret has introduced a $5,000,000 bra in a promotional campaign for their new fragrance called VS Wish.

Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima rocks the ultra-expensive, cleavage-enhancing undergarment, which contains 3,575 black diamonds, 117 one-carat round diamonds, and 34 rubies.

So, if you have 5 million bucks to spend and need cleavage enhancement, this is the bra for you.

1. ExklusivHAUS First House of Gold – $12 billion

This is a building that flawlessly intimidates the American White House. It was commissioned for an anonymous client who wanted something truly extraordinary.

It features eight bedrooms, a 400-square-meter terrace, and over 200,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings.


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