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Man United 2 – 1 Man City: PGMOL explains why referee allowed goal despite Rashford’s offside



An equalizer by Manchester United during a derby match against Manchester City has generated a lot of comments post-match.

The equalizer by Bruno Fernandez in the 78th minute was a game-changer for the Reds, who later sealed the 3 points with a goal by Marcus Rashford in the 82-minute.


Rashford during the equalizer goal was spotted at the offside position but according to experts, since he didn’t make an interference such as blocking the goalkeeper or preventing the opponent’s player from reaching the ball, he is not officially offside.

NBC Sports contacted the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited), which is responsible for referees in the English professional game, and according to a report relayed by host Rebecca Lowe, the response was that:

“PGMOL have gotten back to us and have said no touch on the ball, no impact on the defender, and therefore they [VAR] could find no reason for a clear and obvious error.


“According to the PGMOL, they say [Rashford] didn’t impact the defender and he didn’t touch the ball and therefore Rashford was OK to do what he did and allow Fernandes to come onto the ball and score.”

So the final ruling was that there was no touch on the ball by Rashford and that he also did not affect the defenders, which is why the VAR did not intervene to scratch the goal.


Rules experts are all in agreement that according to the Laws of the Game, the goal had to stand:

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