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Why Asaba actors/actresses can afford expensive cars — Earnings per movie role revealed



Nigeria’s movie industry, Nollywood, some actors and actresses earning as much as N10 million per movie role.

This industry is called varieties of name in some parts of the country. The Hausa movie industry for instance is called Kannywood, but actors and actresses from the South-Eastern part of the country are subtly referred to as Asaba actors.

In our article on Nigerian actors/actresses and how much they charge per movie script, actors like Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) charges about N2 million per script.

Meanwhile, there have been doubts about how the Asaba actors and actresses make money.

Curvy actress, Destiny Etiko, for instance in 2021 came under the social media microscope when she bought herself a house to celebrate her birthday.

How much do Asaba actors/actresses charge per movie role?

Actress Nkechi Blessing in an interview revealed that; “the last movie I did in Asaba, I did three movies, and those three movies were N1.5 million. N500,000 a movie.

“Yes, that’s how much they pay in Asaba. I see people say when Asaba actress buys car, buys house, “is it not just Asaba movie?”

“Hello?! Those people are cashing out in the East. Seriously! When I’m going back to the East now, like four producers are already asking me when am I coming back? Three, three, three from each movie. Na one one naira na him dey turn to one million oh!”.

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