Jaruma has demanded ‘refunds’ from Ubi Franklin, ex-BBN housemate, Tacha & others she sent money to

Popular aphrodisiac seller Jaruma has demanded ‘refunds’ from beneficiaries of her generosity.

She mentioned talent manager Ubi Franklin, ex-BBN Tacha and others to refund some amounts she claimed to have given them.

She wrote: “Anyone that I have sent money to, please return back my money

“Naijabrand Chick N 5000,000
Naija brand chick N1000,000
Naijabrand chick N 250,000
Askdamz N 250,000
Ubi Franklin N 1000,000
Fybcraft N 500,000
BBN Esther N 500,000
BBN the real ella N 2000,000
Me jollof N 1000,000
Theisacola N 250,000
Theisacola N 500,000
Theisacola N 500,000
Tiana staff N 1000,000
Tacha N 1,800,000
Tacha N 400,000
Tacha N 500,000.”

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