Kate Henshaw’s cleaner stabbed, refused treatment by clinic

Professional Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw-Nuttall took to her verified Twitter account on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 to share that her cleaner was refused treatment at a hospital for a stab wound.

In her tweet, she explains her cleaner left home at 6am and was attacked by two men on an Okada, who stabbed her once.

The cleaner managed to find a clinic but was refused treatment because they claimed they do not attend to stab wounds.

Kate’s cleaner however had to find another hospital where she is now being treated.

Her tweet reads “My cleaner was stabbed this morning at 6am on her way to work on Idowu Martins next to Mega Plaza.. She managed to get to a clinic nearby and was sent away that they do not treat knife wounds!! She is now receiving treatment at another hospital. No one is safe!! No one”

A clearly incensed Kate angrily tweeted about it and gave updates in responses to other Twitter users who kept reaching out to check on her and the cleaner.

She also added that she has given the cleaner some days off to heal, and is grateful the cleaner survived and she was not a victim of a more gruesome assault.

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