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Sheikh Ahmed Gumi has dismissed reports that his brother was kidnapped by bandits



Sheikh Ahmed Gumi has dismissed reports that his brother was kidnapped by bandits.

Through a statement sent to newsmen, Gumi described the reports as mischievous, misleading and diversionary.

MalamTukur Mamu, the Dan-Iyan Fika and Media Consultant to Gumi, who signed the statement opined: “Our attention was drawn to yet another fake news that the biological brother of Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi has been kidnapped by bandits.

“While it is not impossible in today’s Nigeria to even kidnap the Sheikh himself or even those in position of power and authority as we have seen recently, we urged the public to disregard the fake news. The story some sections of the media are deliberately misquoting to give a picture “that the brother of the person supporting the bandits has also been kidnapped” is mischievous, misleading and diversionary.

“It is actually from the content of an interview recently granted to some members of the press where Sheikh Gumi was saying he is surprised that some elements thinks he is unnecessarily supportive of the bandits, telling them that he is equally a victim of their terror as they have kidnapped his own biological brother about three years ago and that the security agents could not do anything which left them with the option of paying ransom before he was released. A driver of his father was also killed by the same bandits.

“For Gumi, all this is not enough reason to say he will not seek for peaceful resolution of the crisis for the purpose of preserving peoples lives and properties especially if we look back at government’s failure to address issues that will help in bringing last solution. Military power alone or declaring the bandits as terrorists cannot end banditry and killings in Nigeria.”

“May Allah forbid, in today’s Nigeria where government has failed to address the root cause of the armed Fulani banditry and the security imbroglio particularly in the North West and to explore mediation like the Americans finally adopted after over two decades of failed military offensive in Afghanistan, people or the press should not be surprised if Gumi himself is abducted not to talk of his brother.”

“But the said story as we mentioned is not true and we pray it will never happen not only to Gumi’s brother but innocent Nigerians as a whole.”

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