Celestial church members claim they passed exams when they were in a trance

Some members of the Celestial church have revealed shocking information that they do pass examinations that they miss whenever they are in a trance. 

The members stated this when a lady on Twitter raised concerns about a friend of hers who would miss her examinations because she was in trance. 

According to the lady identified as Tifemi, the friend would spend 7 days in church meaning she would miss her examinations.  

“My friend (a celestial member) that is starting her final exams tomorrow, went into trance today in church. 7days ?” 

Members of the white garment who flooded the comment section revealed that such occurrences are not one-off as they themselves have missed examinations while they were in trance. 

They then revealed that while they stayed in trance, they miraculously passed their examinations whenever the results came out. 

One said he had a 3.87 CGPA with no carryover, despite missing his exams because he was in a trance for 21 days. 

Another person named Chinelo said she got two carryovers in her final year and she is graduating with a second-class upper without rewriting the carryover courses.  

“It’s Not New. It Happened To Me, Too. I Passed The Two Exams I Missed, I Even Scored More Than Those Who Took The Exam” another person claimed.  

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