“The Party Is A Shameless Irritant” – Angry Lai Mohammed Goes Hard On Oppisition PDP

The Federal Government has described the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a “shameless irritant” bent on distracting the government from its rescue mission.

The PDP had said in a statement on Wednesday that President Buhari should quit immediately as the “crass ineptitude and lukewarm attitude” of his government have become intolerable.

”We are on a rescue mission to resuscitate Nigeria after the PDP left it in a coma, and the noise from the same PDP seems designed to sabotage the rescue efforts. But we are not deterred,” the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said in a statement in Abuja on Thursday in response to a call by the PDP asking President Muhammadu Buhari to quit.

Mohammed said that the claims of growth and prosperity under the PDP was an illusion as the party emasculated Nigeria on all fronts. He described the “vibrant” economy under the PDP as a bubble buoyed by massive corruption and chronic incompetence.

“Instead of showing remorse and rebuilding itself to a strong opposition party, the PDP has continued to blame the successor Buhari Administration which is left to pack their mess,” he said.

The minister disagreed with arguments that the FG should stop talking about the past. According to Mohammed, a constant reminder of the past will ensure that mistakes are not repeated.

“How can we forget so soon that our foreign exchange reserves plummeted from $62bn in 2008 to $30bn by 2015, at a time when oil prices were at a historic high, reaching a level of $114 per barrel in 2014?” he said.

From the nation’s external debt to decrepit infrastructure to the subsidy regime and the security situation in the North East, Lai Mohammed said the PDP government which preceded the current one, left Nigeria worse off.

The Minister said while the government will continue to welcome constructive criticism, it had nothing to learn from a party that was in charge of the nation’s affairs at a time of plenty, but ended up frittering away the commonwealth, looting the nation blind and setting the stage for today economic crisis.

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