Breaking: “PDP Cannot Be Changing Chairmen Every Year” Mu’azu Finally Stops Denying, Fights Back; ‘Game Changer’ Begs

by Musa Abdullahi

National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Dr Adamu Mu’azu has slammed what he called the infighting and mudslinging in his party after losing the 2015 presidential election.Mu’azu and the National Working Committee NWC members have been under pressure to resign.

But he is fighting back. The chairman who in the last week has been denying attempts by the party leadership to sack him was ordered out of a meeting by PDP Governors at the Akwa Ibom Governors Lodge in Asokoro, NewsWireNGR recalls.

In a statement released Saturday morning Muazu said ,“The developing culture of using and dumping has reached fratricidal proportions in the PDP and it must end. You cannot be changing Chairmen and NWC every year and still have cohesion which is a vital ingredient of winning. A good example occurred when we changed five Senate Presidents in eight years and produced calamity in the process, but for eight years we have had one senate president and produced harmony between the presidency and parliament.

He said further, “It is also time to end the spate of in-fighting and blame games currently dominating the political discourse among our membership and the leadership. It will do no one any good. The present leadership has until next year to run their course. The party will then decide how to deal with the zoning of the next leadership and strategies for winning the 2019 elections.

According to the national chairman, the result of the 2015 presidential election serves as “the elixir the Peoples Democratic Party needs to reinvent itself and retake power in 2019 instead of wasting time and energy mudslinging and blame gaming over the party’s failed bid to win a fourth consecutive presidential election victory.”

He noted that stories spreading like wild fire in the social media about schisms in our great party can only energise the incoming administration of the APC, and their wish list that include the burial of the PDP. “But we can shock them with our usual resilience and ability to turn the tables particularly as they are already developing a tottering ineptitude in their transition progression to power.

“Our game plan is to provide a virile opposition to the new government which we have already graciously given a lifeline by conceding defeat and avoiding a calamitous battle in the courts. The international community have noted this great act of statesmanship on our part and we shall continue in this mode to show our commitment towards entrenching democracy in our country.

“It is therefore time for our great party to reinvent ourselves, show great maturity and map out a strategy that will return us to power in 2019. Despite losing our dominance in the National Assembly, our party has the largest number of experienced legislators in both chambers and will surely be calling the shots there. We will however help to reduce the imminent issue of learning process occasioned by the horde of inexperienced APC members in both houses because of national interest.

According to Mu’azu “Great lessons to be learned from the outcome of the 2015 Elections are many and I have already mentioned this in earlier interactions with the media.Lessons of candidate imposition, deepening of internal democracy in our party and other obvious lessons we need to learn for future guidance. It is so important for us to learn from what has happened. We must note that when the going gets tough, only the tough like the PDP can get going.

He also said he considers gale of defection to APC as “the most stupid thing going on within our party at the moment” .He concluded that “ Personally it does not worry me but I shudder at the wedge placed by the new ruling party banning the incoming troupes. It shows signs of how they will run the country from May 29 2015. It shows how they will not regard non APC Nigerians as part of their responsibility which will be a shame.”

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