Potential Agricultural Crops #DoAgric

Every region in the country produces cassava as it is resistant to harsh conditions and serves as a cheap staple for most homes. Cassava has the potential to minimally replace wheat flour, a major component of Nigeria.

This crop can be processed into starch, chips, sweeteners, fuel ethanol and High Quality Cassava Flour.  According to the Agricultural Transformation Agenda, Nigeria is a 1 billion litre ethanol market.

Nigeria is the second largest importer of rice with 2 Million MT of imported rice annually. 70% of Nigeria eat rice everyday making up to 40% of daily Nigerian diet.

One of the goals of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda is to shift the focus of rice processing from parboiled rice to milled rice.

We need to let the Minister of Agriculture to state an explicit agenda of his government when it comes to rice, cassava, cocoa, oil palm, groundunts and all the products that marked our early moments after independence.

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