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Anuoluwapo Adebayo: @anu_chayil talks about body parts we should not forget to clean




Some of us are often permanently exhausted and therefore find it hard to get up most mornings so we end up running late and have to dash through bathing, skincare routine (if we even have one) and race off to our jobs, school and businesses. This causes us to inevitably ignore certain body parts while taking a bath. Even some of us who claim to have our cleaning routine all mapped out, can easily over look some of these parts mentioned below:

Belly button – For those who have small hidden belly buttons, do make a conscious effort to clean out that hole as it is a good place for harmful bacteria to inhabit as well as dirt causing a bad smell which may not reach the nose of the person seated next to you but may become offensive to your partner when he or she gets close enough.

Our Ears – especially behind the ears and the outer ear- some of us may not have noticed that our ears do have oil glands as well as oil and sweat from our scalp can get there therefore they need to be clean to prevent itching and unpleasant odour. We often just use cotton buds for our inner ear and ignore the outer parts. If you are afraid to get soap or water inside your ear while bathing, then use a wash cloth or wet wipes when you are out of the shower.

Our Back (especially that space between the shoulder blades and down to the middle of your back) – Our back produces sweat and oil and so has to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent acne and other poor skin conditions. Our hands most times do not adequately reach this part and it is not every day you can ask a loved one or housemate to help scrub your back; therefore get a long body brush or a long sponge to hold at two ends to help you reach that spot.

Behind our knees and the inside of our elbows –Note that it is essential that we clean anywhere that folds as dirt can gather in the lines.

Between our butt cheeks – Most of us focus on our groin and think all is clear and bright but we sweat on our buttocks and between each cheek as well; use soap and sponge and not just water; the importance of doing this need not be emphasized.

The parts underneath over lapping skin – that can be under our breasts and between our folds. Some of us may have love handles or excess skin from being overweight or even losing too much weight; it is advised that you lift the skin and thoroughly wash as we tend to sweat in these parts. If you have folds on your neck too (though this is not always because you are overweight) do wash well.

I often tell myself that “anywhere the sun don’t shine on needs to be cleaned the most!” It is important to be thorough as there is no insignificant body part; you will be shocked at how much these areas can affect your hygiene.

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