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Buhari Is Reaching Out To APC Leaders Over Ministerial Appointments



As Nigerians await the ministerial list of President Muhammadu Buhari this month, indications are rife that the president is conferring with leaders of his party, the All Progressives Congress as regards his proposed cabinet.

One of the leaders of the party told The Nation Newspaper that Buhari met with some leaders of the party on the issue and gave hints on those who he may bring on board and what he intends to do.

In the past two weeks, the president has reportedly met with key leaders of the APC to feel their pulse and rub minds with them on the choice of his ministers.

In one of the meetings, the president was said to have restated his pledge to Nigerians to submit the list of his cabinet to the national assembly this month.

The source said: “The President is on the last lap of consultations on his cabinet. I am aware that the President met with some leaders of the party and those in his think-tank. I think he is almost set with his team to meet the September deadline.”

A member of the national working committee of the APC also commented that and said: “As far as the list of ministers is concerned, the President is working with the party. Most people do not know that Buhari is a party man to the core. He believes in the supremacy of the party.

“I am aware that the president has met with some leaders of the APC to discuss his plans, the shape of his cabinet and his targets.

“To avoid speculations, Buhari has kept the list of his team under wraps, but his body language provided some inkling.

“I think going by his style, the President has not disclosed his list to anyone.”

Also commenting on the issue, one of the president’s aides said: “The ministerial list can be released any time. After all, there are 30 days in September. Going by constitutional provision, I don’t see the President appointing less than 36 ministers.

“Section 147(1-3) directs the President to appoint at least 36 ministers unless the constitution is amended,” he added.

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