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Victims Support Fund Commences Distribution Of Relief Materials To Displaced Nigerians



By Tahir Sherrif

The Victim Support Fund under the T.Y Danjuma Foundation which was launched in July this year by President Goodluck Jonathan in a bid to reduce, restore and re-invent the lives of those affected by terrorism has commenced support activities in its flag off event held in Waru, a small community under Apo district in Abuja.

Chairman of the organization General T.Y Danjuma who spoke at the event stated that the group organization selected Waru community in the FCT because it had taken great task to host victims of the insurgency and that such was the mandate of the organization.

“‘The community in Waru must be commended for their decision to host people from Gwoza and other parts of Maiduguri.”

He also added that after the flag-off event, the Victim Support Fund will move its activities to the northeast region, a place he referred to as ‘the epicentre of terrorist attacks where victims remain in dire need of assistance’.

“We all have a responsibility to ourselves as Nigerians as much as we are all responsible for security, we have carried intensive field visits to gather data on victims and after this flag-off ceremony the VSF will immediately move to the northeast to commence its operations” General Danjuma stated.

District Head of Waru community Ibrahim Sariki while speaking at the event, urged the government and the people of Waru to seek out ways at ensuring that those affected by the on-going crisis could have their lives restored. He thanked the residents and indigenes of Waru community for their hospitality towards their brethren and cautioned against the collection of relief items provided for the crisis victims.

Also speaking at the event, Executive Director of Victim Support Fund, Sunday Ochoche lamented at how terrorism had plunged the country in to a terrible state, he however maintained a positive view on the role of VSF and the challenges ahead.

“Nigeria witnessed in disbelief how a misguided minority engaged in the disruption, displacement and destruction of lives and properties, but it is the most trying and difficult moments that humans rise to their challenges and this is the philosophy that has created the Victims Support Fund”

He added that the Victims Support Fund had registered a private company as part of its structure and framework for creating a platform suitable for the present challenge and any other related situation. He also called for those who had pledged support to the organization to redeem their pledges.

A beneficiary of the Victims Support Funds flag-off event Paul Amos thanked General T.Y Danjuma and the VSF for its activities so far but added that efforts had to be intensified to restore the lives of others still in disarray due to the crisis.

“No other person has taken our concerns serious as regards getting back to normal living, we thank this organization and its founders, but we cannot rely on food alone. Some of our brothers are still stuck there, others are dead or missing, and we need help. You cannot leave your family in Maiduguri and live here in Abuja.” Amos stated.

General T.Y Danjuma so far remains the biggest contributor to the Victims Support Fund with over N1.6billion as his contribution to the fund. A total of N50billion was pledged during the organizations first fund raising event in July this year.

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