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Six Vice-Presidential Hopeful, @APCNigeria Considers As Running Mate, INEC Says Party Must Produce Candidate Today



Shortly after the close of the All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential Primary came to a close Wednesday, the leaders of the party immediately went into close door to agree on possible candidate to work as running mate with General Buhari.

General Muhammedu Buhari who recorded 3, 430 votes at the ongoing at the APC, Presidential Primaries in Lagos, thus emerging as the winner of the APC primaries.

According to the electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the political party must produce the Presidential running mate before the close of today following the emergence of the party’s flag bearer yesterday.

Buhari’s victory has refocused his energy on picking a running mate, as whoever he selects could make or mar his bid for the presidency.

Towards this end, a party source says that chieftains of the APC and Buhari met last night in Lagos to assess possible hopefuls and decide on a running mate for the former head of state.

Although the outcome of the meeting could not be ascertained, major contenders for the post include,

Amaechi: Another major contender is the Rivers State Governor Chibuike Amaechi, a Christian from the South-south zone, who has been a major financing and logistic supporter for Buhari to square up against Atiku and other contenders for the APC ticket. Amaechi, who has never hidden his desire for the vice-presidential slot, was also instrumental in the outward transformation of Buhari, from a light-blue agbada wearing, stodgy, elderly retired army general, to an urbane, bespoke suit-wearing, spritely man eager to keep up with the Joneses. How much of this metamorphosis is skin-deep will be evident in the weeks ahead. For Amaechi’s efforts, Buhari’s key advisers are believed to be canvassing the vice-presidential slot for him and is seen as the frontrunner for the post, but it is uncertain if he has the support of Tinubu.

Tinubu: Former Lagos State Governor and a national leader of the party Bola Tinubu, who has stubbornly refused to step down his ambition despite the strong opposition within APC to a Muslim-Muslim pairing.

The Former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu who also wants the position for himself, and has recently made himself inaccessible to the Rivers State governor for daring to oppose a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Fashola: Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola, who on the basis of his track record in the saddle should be the frontrunner for the job. Buhari is said to like him very much as one he can leave the affairs of state in his hands, just has he did with Tunde Idiagbon, his then number two when Buhari was military head of state. Fashola is a Muslim which complicates the issues at this time of tensions between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.

Oshiomhole: Another possible choice is Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole, who unlike Amaechi, has been more discreet in composure and utterances.  Oshiomhole, a Christian from the South-south geopolitical zone, a man of the people, and ideologically, a true progressive, has in recent days been mentioned as the most suitable choice for Buhari, if he is looking for a compromise. But will Buhari put at risk the vote of the South-west?

Fayemi and Osinbajo: Then there are the dark horses in the persons of former Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi and former Lagos State Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of Lagos State Yemi Osibajo.

Although both men are Christians from the South-west, they are not household names and it is uncertain how much electoral value they would be adding to the Buhari ticket.

Whatever becomes of the ongoing meetings going on, the running mate must emerget before close of the day today according to the electoral laws.

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